Friday, July 10, 2009

Home stand wins feel like playoff atmosphere



         The Phillies are 7-1 on this most recent homestand. They are making up the ground from their terrible home record that was amassed prior to this home stand. Yes, it was the Pirates tonight, no Dodgers team by any means and the Phillies on paper should beat the Pirates with their All Star stocked roster. A win is a win, no matter who it is against though and this win was Charlie’s 400th win as a Phillies manager. From Manuel’s slow start with the days of Jim Thome till now seems like a long time ago, now he is the All Star game NL Manager and the skipper of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. He is earning his place as perhaps one of the most beloved managers the Phillies have had in 25 years or more.


        This team is on a roll now, they are clicking as well as they can be at this point in the season, and it is in stark contrast to what we saw on the field just last month when a lot of people were starting to scratch their heads and wonder what was wrong with this team. Now, with the All Star break is just almost upon us, it seems the Phillies are getting stronger and looking to get even more stronger with trying to acquire ‘A’ list starting pitchers. Who said Amaro Jr. was faint of heart? He is trying to get up there in competition with the best GM’s in the business now, and with the trade deadline looming, the fans and the press are buzzing about all the possibilities of the starting pitcher addition to this already solid club.


          Shane Victorino, Chase Utley, and Jason Werth have been carrying this team in the last two weeks, each night it’s either one of them stepping up to the plate and dazzling us with their outstanding play. It’s no wonder all three of them will be out in St. Louis on this coming Tuesday night. Note to Chase Utley: ‘Don’t say anything with the cameras on you!’ – I don’t know if that’s possible with him, but he needs to polish his nice guy image in the major public eye. Raul Ibanez is ready to rejoin this team, and add his offensive pop to the lineup. Look out…. the Phillies could be heading straight into the playoffs on a rocket!

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