Sunday, July 26, 2009

Halladay deal still far from fruition for Phillies

Roy Halladay is being dangled to teams like a big piece of steak to hungry lions. The problem is that the Blue Jays want too much in return for their prized ace and that may just be the deal breaker. If I am Halladay, I want this circus to end. The Phillies have supposedly offered deals for Halladay but all have been rejected. What more does JP Ricciardi, the Blue Jays GM, want? They supposedly had a deal offer with JA Happ and a couple of more top Phillies prospects, with some names I didn't think I would see the Phillies brass offer. This may just be speculation, but it may have some merit from what I've read.

This is turning into a media circus and all indications that come from Toronto keep saying 'we don't have to deal Halladay.' Well, of course you don't have to deal him, but really you want to because he never may be more valuable than he is today for the Blue Jays. The baseball gods have weird ways in which they work, Halladay could be on the DL tomorrow and not pitch again and the Jays would have a well paid player just sitting and waiting for the end of the season and get nothing for him.

Looking at Halladay's numbers:

Currently in his 12th season in the MLB

Current overall record 142-69

Six time All Star

2003 Cy Young Award Winner

Has been with the Blue Jays his entire career

His nickname is Doc

Does he fit in with the Phillies? He's pitched the entire career in Toronto, and facing the NL might be good or it may be bad. You never know how a pitcher will pitch to an opposing league with guys he hasn't faced too much before if at all.

Who else would fit in on the Phillies? My picks...

Chad Billingsley - Dodgers may be willing to part with him

Roy Oswalt- The Phillies have JA Happ and some minor leaguers that may interest Wade

Jarrod Washburn- Having almost duplicate season of Halladay for Seattle

John Lannan- Having 7-7 season on the hapless Nationals this guy looks like a winner

Matt Garza- A proven good pitcher, a Garza for Happ deal with a player to be named later?

The Phillies managed to turn it up a notch and take 2 of 3 from the Cardinals in convincing fashion. The question goes back to do the Phillies need to add anyone really?

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