Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friday has Phils in San Fran and Jays and Halladay in Oakland

It couldn't have been planned any better. The Phillies sought after prize, Doc Halliday, just across the bay from his new team on the final day of the trade deadline. That's just where the two teams will happen to be this coming Friday. The Phillies will be playing the recently cooled off San Francisco Giants and the Blue Jays across the bay playing the Oakland A's.
Poor JA Happ, he's having the season he's dreamed of pitching for the Phillies and now it seems as if he is the one that's been the main offering to the Jays for Halladay. The Phillies don't want to part with JA Happ and Kyle Drabeck in the same deal for Halladay but what if something else can be worked out? The Phillies seem like they want Halladay but aren't mortgaging the future on him.
How about Howard for Halladay straight up? Would that be a shocker? Probably one that wouldn't happen but what if... Would the Phillies pull a shocker out of the hat like that? Is Howard on the Phillies 'untouchables list'? How about Victorino, would he be on that list? I am reaching here, but what is going to make Blue Jays GM, Ricciardi, make a deal? I can't believe the Phillies organization wouldn't deal Drabeck to hold this whole deal up, he's not Nolan Ryan for god's sake, I say deal him to get Halladay and you've got Halladay, Hamels, Moyer, Lopez and maybe Myers and Martinez soon to bolster the bullpen.
I was watching MLB TV's coverage on the Halladay trade talks, and Halladay himself remains unmoved by all the attention at least from a distance. I think he would fit in greatly with the lineup in Philly, and he may be the inspiration to a lot of the current Phillies pitchers that will learn from his experience and work ethic.

The Boston Red Sox are still in the hunt for Halladay, and so are the Dodgers.
Will they or won't they.... the drama builds

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  1. Trade Rollins for Holladay. ... Rollins can be easily replaced by Jason Donald. Nobody can replace Ryan Howard's 148 RBIs on a yearly basis.