Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dodgers will likely get rematch in Playoffs with Phils in 2009

I am watching a game on MLB TV on the computer tonight with the Phillies rainout and it is none other than a team I think the Phillies may have a rematch with in the playoffs this year. The LA Dodgers are the team that would love to face a rematch with the Phils and reverse the terrible showing they had in last year's playoffs.

The Dodgers are explosive this year, they are playing the Houston Astros tonight. The stadium sounded loud and full and of course the new 'favorite son' of the Dodgers, Manny Ramirez, was playing. Yes, the same Manny that was suspended for violating the league's substance abuse or usage policy. As Phillies fans, we know all about that with the suspension of our own JC Romero.

Ed Wade's Astros are playing the game against the Dodgers, but they aren't winning tonight, even despite the play of a couple of ex-Phillies, Jason Michaels and Chris Coste. Mike Hampton just left the ball game for the 'Stros and prior to leaving, he tried to throw the ball into his own glove and was so upset, he missed his own glove by several inches and got an error in the process.

I err on the side of the unknown in saying, if the Phillies make the playoffs, the most likely team the Phillies will face in the playoffs will be the Dodgers and with the signing of Pedro, the Phillies seem like they are preparing for this battle. Can you see it now? Pedro facing Manny in the playoffs... different teams but the rivalry is still there!


  1. At what point were Manny and Pedro rivals? They were teammates

  2. You took this out of context. I said, they were teammates and now they play for different teams... the 'rivalry' is still there even despite the fact they were teammates....

    Thanks for the comments though!