Monday, June 08, 2009

Young Phillies pitchers are 6-0



The Phillies have a couple of pitchers at their disposal from the minors that we’ve been hearing about for some time. Carlos Carrasco and Kyle Drabeck are two that come to mind. So far the majors hasn’t seen much of either of them, but quietly, the Phillies JA Happ and Antonio Bastardo have combined to go 6-0 so far this year for the Fightins.

    JA Happ gets the start in New York on Tuesday against Johan Santana, but Happ isn’t doing all that bad himself with a 2.48 compared to Santana, who is the ace of the Mets, who comes in with a 2.00 era and a 7.3 record.


    Raul Ibanez is continuing to set the pace for the Phillies offense, he leads in BA with .329 and homeruns with 19 and RBI with 54. Who could have guessed this would happen with Raul, who is a hard nosed player who doesn’t seem full of himself.


     The Phillies pitching staff as a whole is still near the bottom of the NL in several important categories. It’s a wonder that the team is 3 games above the NY Mets, and in first place with this kind of performance overall by the pitching staff. There is a guy named Tom Glavine out there, how about bringing him in for the youngsters to learn from?

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