Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Winning ways continue out West

The Phillies are on a roll, they are 9 games over .500 with last night's win in San Diego. This in addition to the NY Mets on a bit of a losing streak has propelled the Phillies into first place fairly solidly being 1.5 games up on the Mets.

Tonight is the debut of a Phillies minor leaguer, Antonio Bastardo. Bastardo has been in the Phillies minor league system since 2006 when he made it to the rookies league at age 20. Antonio went 10-0 in 2007 in the minors. John Mayberry Jr. has been sent back down to AAA in another move for the Phillies. I think Mayberry Jr. may have a future as a Phillie but where will he play? He could also be trade bait for a top quality pitcher if needed.

Another late one on tap for tonight, I wish I could stay up for these games but the boss won't like me in the morning!

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