Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Will Philadelphia host an MLB All Star Game in the near future?


When a team opens a new stadium chances are that in the not too distant future, the MLB would want to host an All Star game there. This isn’t the case in Philly though. The ‘new’ stadium is now in it’s 6th season and still no game is on the horizon for Philadelphia.

The last All Star game to be held in Philly was in 1996 at Veteran’s Stadium on July 9th. Prior to 1996 it was a 20 year span to 1976 when the game was held in Philadelphia. The game last year was in New York to close Yankee Stadium, and this year it is in St. Louis at new ‘Busch' Stadium. For 2010, the game moves out to the West coast in Anaheim for the Angels to host the game it is the third time for the Angels hosting this game. The 2011 game was just awarded to the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Phoenix, it will be the first time there.

The National League still leads the series since the All Star Game was started in 1933 with a record of 40-37-2 . There was no game in 1945 and there was two tie games one in 2002 at Miller Park in Milwaukee when it was called 7-7 in the 11th when there were no more pitchers available for either side and the All Star Managers met with Commissioner Bud Selig and decided to just call the game in the 11th inning the two pitchers last to pitch were Vincente Padilla for the NL and Freddy Garcia for the AL, and once more time it was called a 1-1 tie in 1961 at Boston’s Fenway Park because of rain. The 1961 tie was actually the ‘second’ All Star Game of the year for 1961. There was a time from 1959 to 1962 when the MLB held two All Star Games for the season, but that format only lasted 4 seasons.

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