Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who has the longest streak of home runs so far for the Phillies?

And the survey says......... Raul Ibanez -he has a 4 game streak of a least one home run per game from 5/20/09 to 5/23/09 in which he hit 4 HR and 6 RBI during that streak of 4 games, he also batted .353 during that streak. Two other Phillies have their streak at 3 games in a row with at least one home run in a game..... that is Jason Werth and Chase Utley.

Werth hit a home run is each game from June 16 to June 18th he went 3-13 with 5 RBI all of his hits were home runs. Utley hit his streak of one home run in each of three games from 4-17-09 to 4-19-09 in that streak he went 4-13 with 6 RBI, and three of his hits during the span were home runs and one was a single.

Eight times, the Phillies have had a streak of players hit homeruns in two games back to back and Jason Werth did it twice so far in addition to his three games in a row as mentioned above. Raul Ibanez has hit home runs in back to back games three times so far in addition to his 4 consecutive game home run barrage.

So for pure power, it's Ibanez so far still leading the way offensively in the home run streaks department. He's a real surprise this year for the Phillies, can't wait for him to return to the lineup!

Thanks to Baseball-reference.com and the Player's Index they have there on that great site! I highly recommend becoming a member to this website.

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