Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two series in a row, the Phillies lose first two at home

This year is unprecedented for the Phillies. Nearly every home game has been a sellout but the team just can't seem to get it together at home. Their record at home is legendary for the wrong reasons. A first place team without a winning record at home? This is almost impossible to imagine. The Phillies dropped another interleague game tonight to the Blue Jays 7-1 in which the Jays pounded out 12 hits against the World Champions.

A 13-18 record at home is simply inexcusable and unexplainable for this season. There is no good reason for it except to say the team simply isn't in a groove on it's own field. This isn't the first time this has happened. In 2007 the home winning record was 47-34 and in 2008 the home winning record was 48-33. So the Phillies must start making up some ground to get to those numbers. The scary thing is when they go back out on the road, will they continue to win there? July is coming and the Phillies have been red hot in the month of July in the past two years, they are 15-10 for both July's in '07 and '08.

The businessperson's special takes this series outta here on Thursday afternoon, then the Phillies welcome in the team that beat the Mets tonight, The Baltimore Orioles.

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