Friday, June 19, 2009

Tide has turned on Phillies but don't abandon ship just yet

Phillies not in treacherous waters just yet

The past week or ten days has been tough for the Phillies and their fans. Their last ten games find the team 3-7. That is a far cry from the week or so that they were 7-3 in their last ten games. Such as baseball. Peaks and valleys, sweeps and swept. What we hope for is the team get this ship turned around and get back to winning.

The home losing has been in a word: unbelieveable. To think that the Phillies have had so many home games and so little wins at home startles the mind. Why? How come? This is all a bad dream and it really isn't real.... You look in the standings though and it is real and guess what? They are still in first place.

Don't hand me stories of black clouds, cursed fields, or unlucky baseball diamonds. We have to realize this is baseball, this is the Phillies and they'll be alright. I always start thinking about the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" - and the part of the movie where Dorothy says... "There's no place like home.......... there's no place like home....."

Things to be happy about with the Phillies despite their losing streak:

  • Jamie Moyer is still the team's win leader with 4
  • The team's pitching ERA is not last, it's next to last in the NL at 4.78
  • Ibanez is the team's offense leader in these stats: HR, RBI, BA, R
  • There are only 8 more games in a row of interleague play
  • The Phillies are still in first place
  • The Phils are 19-12 vs. NL East and can't wait to get back to them!
  • Even though the Phils are losing at home, every night is a sellout
  • The Phils 23-9 road record is still tops in the MLB

Some of these are tongue in cheek things to be happy about, but for the most part, I wouldn't say it's time to panic just yet. As was said in the movie, Titanic, "There's reports of iceburgs ahead, Captain" and that may be the little chunks of ice the Phillies have broken up over the last couple games, but I don't see that big iceburg in the distance just yet. Stay on course, full throttle ahead and start winning some more ballgames please!

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