Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phillies rebound against Mets late, win Game 2

The Phillies pulled out a few tricks of their own in game 2 of the series with New York on Wednesday night. It looked not so good to the sixth inning when the Mets had what seemed to be an ironclad lead behind the pitching of Mike Pelfrey. It was all down hill for the Mets from there, as a dropped fly ball by Carlos Beltran opened the door for the Phillies to load the bases and start their comeback at Citi Field to win it 5-4 in 11 innings.

Cole Hamels got a no decision in this one, despite having the Mets hitting 11 hits and 4 runs off of him. Chase Utley had two homeruns to help in this victory and the Phillies delivered with a error from David Wright with the bases loaded to even help the cause more. This had shades of a complete Mets collapse that came from no where, and yet the great game that they had in the first half of the game went for nothing in the end.

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