Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phillies play Sox in Citizens Bank 'E' Fest

     The Phillies looked as if they had been completely out of sorts in the first inning on Saturday night. First, Carlos Ruiz throws down to second trying to get a runner out stealing second, and the ball goes into center field outside of Chase Utley's reach. It set up another couple of strange plays to haunt the Phillies in the top half of inning 1 and tack on three errors to the season total.

    The next play to make the Phillies look amazingly unlike they usually do, was when Ryan Howard dinked a throw off his glove from Antonio Bastardo at first and then he chased the ball down and it was bad enough that had happened, but Howard sheepishly tracked the ball and forgot their was a runner who went to second base on this and the runner, Kevin Youkilis, ran all the way to third base. That actually looked like two errors on that one play to me but Howard only picked up one. 

   The next play was more explainable, the ball has hit out to center by Julio Lugo, and Shane Victorio tried to play it on a hop and the ball skipped right under his reach and back to the center field backstop. So three errors in the first inning until the rains came that is. After the rain, the Phillies settled down on the field but couldn't stop the surging Red Sox as the Sox had the Phillies measured 10-5 by the 7th inning.

   Dice K didn't need to overly impress the Phillies tonight but he kept the Phillies at bay for a while pitching 4.0 innings and leaving with 7 hits and 4 ER given up.  The Phillies were a late threat, but in the end it wasn't enough as the Sox take the first two from the Fightins. We have the last game in the series coming up on Sunday with a great pitching matchup,  Josh Beckett for the Sox and JA Happ for the Phils. I wish it was a Beckett vs. Hamels matchup but what can you do?

  See you at the ballpark on Sunday, where I hope the Phillies will win at least one of these games  against the Red Sox.


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