Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phillies bring out big offense to beat Red Sox

My wife said to me, this was the most exciting game she's been to. This said a lot to me about how good this game was this Sunday afternoon with the Phillies looking to not have the Red Sox sweep them at home. The Phillies lost the first two games to the Boston Red Sox at home but on this Sunday afternoon, there wouldn't be a third win by the Sox who again had a big fan following sweep into Citizens Bank Park and support their baseball team.

The Sox fans weren't your typical fans to coin a phrase. These fans following the Red Sox were more baseball educated, more knowledgable about the game, and generally less annoying in a big way than say the group of ignorant Mets fans that come in from New York to see the Mets at Citizens Bank Park. The Sox fans looked like they were loving the Philly foods at the ballpark and except for a few isolated situations there were no real fan vs. fan battles in the stands this Sunday.

J.A. Happ has come a long way. He is a young pitcher who is getting a chance to pitch big league baseball, and he is making a good time of it lately. Happ kept the Phillies somewhat close to the Red Sox today, except for a 4 run second inning- Happ was really great. He didn't earn the win for this game, but he is still 4-0 with a 3.53 era.

We finally got a win at home today for the Phillies. This is refreshing as the team looks to welcome in the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday for a three game series. The Phillies will return the favor to the Blue Jays by the end of the month and will travel up to Toronto for a weekend series June 26-27-28 in Canada.

Stars of the game for the Phillies 11-6 win today:

Jimmy Rollins - homerun with 3 rbi's
Pedro Feliz- 3-5 with 2 rbi's
Shane Victorino- 2-4 with 2 rbi's
Chase Utley- 2-4

All in all it was a total team effort in this victory today, it had the crowd energized and gave them a lot to cheer for against a tough Boston Red Sox team.

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