Saturday, June 13, 2009

MLB replay? Why the umpires don't want it used

The Phillies had more than a legitimate gripe with Greg Dobbs monster fly ball that sailed over the right field foul pole in game 1 with Boston on Friday night. Was it fair or foul? The ball was called foul very late by first base umpire, Jim Joyce. It took literally forever to call it foul. A plea was made by Charlie Manuel but it went unheard by the crew chief, who must make the call to have a play reviewed.

Why don't the umpires call for a replay? They don't want to be far removed from the decision making process that then goes to the MLB to help out by replaying the play on specially installed equipment at every MLB ballpark. The call is then solely resting in the hands of the MLB crew chief who will make the call, and determine that there is clear and unrefuted evidence that the wrong call was made. Plainly put, if the umpire crew chief determines that a ball was fair instead of foul, it would be called a homerun in this instance. In a close play, why wouldn't this be reviewed?

I personally think the MLB umpires don't really want this system. It's a system that is in place for close homerun calls now, but how soon will it be used for other calls? A close play at first, a throw to second, a double play call. Where would it end? It's true that the umpires aren't perfect in their calls but will instant replay solve this? The MLB is a weird organization that in the not to distant past have made decisions on things like postponing last year's Game 5 World Series game - after it was tied. A rule that Bud Selig just came out and made himself.

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