Saturday, June 27, 2009

Losses pile up, Interleague play almost over


Rollins is all smiles talking to Chase a couple weeks ago pregame

                 The losses have been piling up on the Phillies in the past 20 or so games. It just so happens the losses started around the time of interleague play. I am not so sure the Phillies like playing interleague games, and their record seems to show that against the American league teams that they have been playing.


                 Every team the Phillies play is going to want to beat the “World Champs” so that puts the Phillies in the position of needing to play baseball like champs to beat those teams. The last 20 games have been the worst that the Phillies have played all year long, and the Phils have had incredibly bad luck to go along with that.


                  The Phillies need to start playing like they need to win, like they don’t have the rest of the season to start getting wins and like they want to make it to the playoffs again this year. They must stop making the mental errors and start getting on base and moving runners. If they have a guy on first with no outs, they need to do whatever necessary to move that runner into scoring position, and start putting runs on the board.


                   I thought the losing streak was over, but it was just a bump in the road as a new losing streak has now sprung up on the Fightin Phils. This team is better than that, it still is not too late to turn it around. The recent weeks have nullified all the great games that the Phillies have won so far, so they are almost starting another season for themselves from scratch again.


                   Ruben Amaro Jr. needs to get out there and get a pitcher. He says there are none out there, I think he is making excuses. There are plenty of opportunities and he needs to make something happen. The Phillies need a solid starter with ‘A’ caliber status. If it means trading Werth or Victorino then he must consider it, those two players may never be as valuable as they are right now, and the Phillies need a starter that they can count on in the second half of the 2009 season.


  1. Isn't this interleague act geting old? It's as if they don't take these games seriously. And honestly I'd rather see more of the teams in my division.

  2. Yes, it is getting long in the tooth. Perhaps just regional matchups would work the best like the Orioles and Yankees maybe the Red Sox would work best.