Friday, June 12, 2009

Kyle Kendrick has the worst luck - Phils lose in 13

I don't want to be Kyle Kendrick. He gets called up from the minors after being demoted to the minors after pitching for some time in the regular rotation of the Phillies last year. Remember the gag the players played on him in Spring Training last year? He's been traded to Japan? Now they couldn't give him to Japan.

Kyle Kendrick gets called up today, and is a pitcher that probably won't be called on in game 1 against Boston. Well, so much for quietly blending in. Kendrick gets the ball in the 13th inning and gets the loss and looks like the goat in this Phillies loss tonight.

I'll say what I said in this blog a while ago, What happened to Kyle Kendrick? He was cruising around as a Phillies starter doing very well, and then all of a sudden, he lost his stuff completely. The Phillies came close to losing this game in the bottom of the 9th, they've just entered into their third extra inning game in the past three games. They won't win every game in extra innings.

This is getting to the sublime now, the Phillies can't seem to win at home, they have some sort of jinx on them and they need to shake it soon. Call Billy Penn's ghost and find out what the problem is, get this straightened out, it's getting scary.

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