Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jason Varitek is the Boston Red Sox “C” who would the Phillies captain be?


Hockey teams all have them, but hardly any baseball teams do anymore. What would that be? The team captain, as denoted by the player wearing the ‘C’ on their jersey.

There are a couple more players that have been designated ‘team captain’ by different teams but no one but Varitek wears the ‘C’ on his uniform. Derek Jeter is the named captain of the New York Yankees, but chooses not to wear anything to denote that. I think it’s pretty cool to wear the ‘C’ if you are indeed the captain of the team.

Varitek is an interesting player. He is one of only two players in all of MLB history to have been in the Little League World Series, MLB World Series, and the College World Series. In fact, the Red Sox have only had three players named ‘Captain’ in the history of the ballclub. After last season, Varitek looked to join a different team with perhaps more money, but in the end the Sox signed him back. Incidentally, Varitek filed for divorce as well last year, so a lot of changes happened to him after the Sox got beat in Game 7 of the ALCS from last season.

Who would the captain of the Phillies be? I know who it should be, Jimmy Rollins. Jimmy has the time with the Phillies club, and has the experience in helping the team be successful. The only impediment to this might be his relationship with Charlie Manuel. At times the two have been a bit like The Odd Couple, even though they have always worked things out in the end. Have the Phillies ever had a named Captain? No, I haven’t been able to find any player that has been a named ‘Captain’ of the team. It could be a fun thing to do for the MLB if they encouraged this naming of captains and if the captain would wear the ‘C’.

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  1. I think the 'C' looks terrible.

  2. The "C" on Varitek's jersey was a management decision, not his.

  3. I like to see it, kudos to both Varitek and management. The Sox fans were in attendance in droves at Citizens Bank Park, they're much more educated than Mets fans too, a completely classy group of fans really!