Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great Father’s Day matchup, Phils get swept again at home though


Moyer’s Dad gets the World Series 2008 bling bling

You could tell it was going to be a great day. The rains stayed away from Philly on this afternoon, and it was Father’s Day. Upon arrival to the game, all men 15 and over got a nice ‘bucket hat’ with a Phillies logo on the front. Cole Hamels would be pitching today and if nothing else, it looked as if the Phillies might snap out of a losing streak today at home, more on that later though.

Before the game, a very special presentation was made near the Phillies dugout by Jamie Moyer. He presented his own dad with a World Series ring on this Father’s Day! What a nice gift for him, and another classy move by Jamie. I had a feeling that the Phillies may take it out on the Orioles this afternoon with their hitting, but after the game it would be quite the opposite with the Phillies narrowly losing again in front of 45,256 at home.

The game was a classic pitcher’s duel. Only 1 run by the Phillies is what separated the two teams for most of the game. In the end, the Orioles tied the game in the sixth inning and then went ahead of the Phillies with a score in the 8th inning and that would be enough to win the game today at CBP. The Phil’s bats just feel silent, with Rollins 0-4, Werth 0-4, Utley 0-3, and Feliz and Ruiz were both also 0-3. You just can’t win ballgames without any hits. Cole Hamels hung in most of the game, pitching 8.0 innings and giving up only 2 runs on 9 hits. Cole fell to 4-3 on the season. The problem is the Phillies weren’t facing a pitcher with the qualities of Cole Hamels, they were facing a 4-7 Jeremy Guthrie who is not in any way- a quality pitcher. Guthrie looked like Cy Young today though, and the Phillies couldn’t get it going with much of anything.

The Phillies now go on the road and face the Tampa Rays down in Tampa/St. Pete, and then up north to Toronto, and off to Atlanta before they finally come home for the July 4th holiday homestand which starts on July 3rd with the Mets on July 3-4-5, then the Reds on July 6-7-8-9 and then Pittsburgh on July 10-11-12 which brings the team into the All Star break.

What more can you say about this losing streak, it happens and it’s ugly. The Phillies are filling up the sick bay very fast. Ryan Howard is now out with the flu, offensive producer Raul Ibanez is still out, and things are not looking too good at this point. The bright spot in all of this is the Mets losing along with Phillies, if the Phils could have won a few games in the last couple, they could have sent the Mets reeling about 6-7 games back, but as it is now, the Phillies still occupy first place.

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