Friday, June 12, 2009

Boston- one game away from being the opponents in last year's World Series

Last year's ALCS Game 7 rosters, the day after Tampa won it all!

I know a thing or two about last year's AL playoffs for the ALCS. I happened to be down in the Tampa area for the Game 7 game with the Tampa Rays and the Boston Red Sox. The whole series looked as if the Tampa Rays would handily win it early in the ALCS series and proceed into the World Series without a problem. That wasn't how it quite worked out, Tampa came within a few innings of not even going to the World Series last year.

The whole season for the American League boiled down to one more game. One more game to determine who the Phillies would play for the World Series for all the marbles. From the outset, I didn't think that Boston really gave it's all in this game. The Game 7 was won by the Rays in the end but what if they didn't win this game? What would of a Boston Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies World Series have looked like?

I dreaded that scenario, I looked at the pitching staff of Boston. I looked at all the history of Boston's Fenway Park, I didn't want the Phillies to have to face Boston in a World Series match up. But if they did? What would it have meant to baseball? The weather was not exactly the best in the Northeast all of the week that the World Series was played in the Philly area. That would have been compounded by the Boston area weather, would have the cold conditions led to very bad playing conditions for both clubs? One day someone will come up with a "what if" concerning the Red Sox and if they just happened to win that Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS in Tampa.

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