Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scouting the New York Yankees




New and ‘old’ Yankee Stadium: Nice digs at Manhattan condo prices for the seats



The New York Yankees have a brand new home. “New” Yankee Stadium is what the stadium is called. I stand by my posts previously appearing in this blog announcing that the Yankees are ruining the MLB and baseball in particular. Ticket prices for New York fans have been priced in the hundreds of dollars per seat for a ‘chance’ to see a ball game. This team ownership has lost their minds. Bud Selig doesn’t care about the average fan and he should be more concerned what this team is doing to make fans want to turn away from baseball and just say ‘NO’ to ticket prices like the ones that the Yankees have charged for this season.

It’s no wonder that Yankee Stadium is a tough sell. Companies don’t even want any part of this debacle. New York sports radio has repeatedly called for the fact that this pricing is just plain crazy and costing more than just money in terms of souring fans appreciation for a team that used to be ‘America’s Team’. Now the Yankees are a symbol of greed, out of line salaries, and out of control management.


Now onto the baseball team. The Yankees have gone out again and tried to ‘buy’ the most expensive team that has ever fielded a game in baseball. They’ve succeeded in spending money like monopoly money and adding superstars as if they were a dime a dozen, but paying them hundred of millions of dollars to play a game. They still don’t get it, and the team isn’t winning all the games that you would think they would when they are fielding such an extensive stable of ‘stars.’ This team is like a who’s who of potential future Hall of Fame players. Not taking anything away from the players, but this team isn’t a cohesive team of players, they are just a bunch of overpaid sluggers who don’t work well when all put together.


The Phillies will take two of three or better from the Yankees. You can bank on that. The Phillies are a team of players who know how to play together and win as a ‘team.’ Yes, the Phillies have the highest payroll they’ve ever had this year as well, but no where near what this Yankee team has.  Bring back the real Yankee fans, the ones who can no longer afford to see their team. Steinbrenner and Company have ruined baseball in the Bronx.


  1. The Yankees are another team that started slowly but they’ve turned it around. Since Alex Rodriguez returned, the entire squad has played much better. They should keep going to keep pace with the others. I really like them; they’ve always been my favourite teams in MLB. Just read about them here:

  2. Rich Baxter is right to some degree that the ticket prices of the "new" yankee stadium basically removes the true yankee fans from the stadium experience. Where he is wrong is the comparison between the Yankees and the Phillies. Yankee fans have always been true to the team win or loose, we have an owner that wants to win year in and year out. Although I feel that we have lost focus on producing young players, We are in some kind of contention every year. Last year being the first year we have no made it to the playoffs says something about the organization.

    You won the World Series, that's great, doesn't mean that your Phillies would come close again this year. Besides, do you really want to compare these two teams? Seems like a stupid argument.