Sunday, May 17, 2009

Phils use broom on Washington - 3rd sweep of year

Bring out the broom and sweep away those Washington Nationals. That's exactly what the Phillies needed to do in this series in Washington. It wasn't always easy, the Nationals are a couple good starting pitchers away from contending. That is their missing link, pitching. The Phillies had a tough time with the Nats who always play the Phillies pretty tough.

Next up for the Phillies are the Reds in Cincinnati for three games and then it's on the the 'new' Yankee Stadium for the Phillies for a weekend of baseball with the Yankees. Don't expect too many Phillies fans to make that trip at the prices the Yankees are charging.

Jamie Moyer is scheduled to get the ball next for the Phillies vs. Cincinnati. I hope he gets his pitching swagger back in order in this game, it's painful to watch when he gets smacked around like he has been getting hit lately. The Phillies will play the Reds only 7 times this season. The three games in Cincy and then 4 games in Philly in July. The Nationals will have plenty of opportunities to get back at the Phillies, the Nats will play the Phils 9 more times this season. At the middle and end of the series with the Nationals, it seemed as if some bad blood was developing between the teams as they started to trade beanballs at players. This no doubt will probably pick up where it left off between the teams.

For now, it's the third sweep of the season of a series for the Phillies. The first sweep of the year came against the Florida Marlins April 24-26th, and then the Phils took the short series in St. Louis on May 4-5th.

The Mets have been on fire lately, their record is 21-15 or six games over .500-

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