Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phillies show the Dodgers a rough time

The Phillies (and two former Dodger players) took it to LA tonight at Citizens Bank Park with a much needed win and a boost to their morale. The Phillies have taken a slow trip down in the standings in the last ten games they have gone 4-6 prior to tonight's game. Chan Ho Park has improved again for his second great start in a row. What seemed to be curtains for Park only two weeks ago, has changed the opinion of some about Park for the time being. The pitching staff as a whole for the Phillies are right near the bottom of the National League right with the Washington Nationals.

LA looked a bit flat with not much offense to speak of. A lack of Manny Ramirez also helped the situation a lot. Manny of course is sitting out 50 games and cast a cloud over himself and his career. The Mets have lost two in a row to Atlanta, so that has helped the situation the Phillies find themselves in today in third place.

The Phils and Dodgers play on ESPN Wednesday night baseball with the ageless wonder, Jamie Moyer going against former Phil Randy Wolf. That should be a good matchup and we'll see if Jamie got his problems solved from the last two starts. If he didn't, it could be a long night for the bullpen and for the Phillies.

The stars for the Phillies in Game 1 of the Dodger series:

Jason Werth - 4 stolen bases including two steals of third base and a rare steal of home! Werth who is a former Dodger, also went 2-4 and really was the catalyst for this victory. He ties the Phillies steals in a game record.

Chan Ho Park - keep the Dodgers off balance and Chan Ho earns his first win of his career as a Phillie pitcher. Many people watch Chan Ho from his native country of Korea when he pitches, they must have been proud today.

Not so hot for the Phillies tonight:

Chase Utley - 0-5 - Chase left 5 on base tonight

Ryan Howard - 0-3

Rollins - 1-3 he brings his average up to .198

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