Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phillies pull blanket from Mom and lose game with Atlanta

How sincere is it to pull the blanket from Mom? Read this and you'll see
It won't be there at the Stadium till July 24th... the problem was the blankets that were received looked like Jason Werth's lips were pink.... oh well it could have been worse

A lot of mothers were happy this morning. They were going to spend their special afternoon at the ballpark and see the Phillies and get a nice throw blanket from the Phillies organization on this special day, "Mother's Day 2009." Well, that is what the schedule called for anyway. What happened to the mother's when they got to the ballpark today was a much different story though. The Phillies pulled the blanket right out from under Mom! Upon entrance into the park, there were no blankets to be had, only a 'golden blanket ticket' and an apology that there were no blankets there today! The ticket was available for Mom to redeem not next week or two weeks from now, they will have to wait till July now to get this blanket that is for Mother's Day 2009 which is May 10th- July 24th to be specific and you have to redeem it at the ballpark at the Majestic Clubhouse Store or guest services inside the stadium.

This was not a good sign upon entering the ballpark today. No, they didn't send an email out a week before to let anyone know this, no email was forthcoming you just had to show up and then you got your special Mother's Day surprise.... no blanket! Inexcusable in my book. A mother was sitting right next to me and my wife on this afternoon, she was given the tickets by her boss and her sons were with her but even she had to leave with no blanket and it was her first time at the stadium to see a game there. What a first impression.

Well, onto the game. The Phillies and the Braves went toe to toe today. Brett Myers kept the Phillies close and the offense couldn't produce this time although there were plenty of opportunities. J Roll went 0-5 at the plate, Chase Utley 0-4 with 2 really bad looking strikeouts... think 'rusty gate swing', and Pedro Feliz went 1-4 with two strikeouts and Raul Ibanez went 0-4 which is very unlike him. Add that all up, and you have a loss. The bright spot was great play by Ryan Howard in the field and at the plate with 2-4 with two doubles. I love Howard's play lately, I love to see him hit for base hits even more than homeruns. The Phillies could have won this one today, but they didn't have any spark in them. They looked tired and listless and could not get started this afternoon.

Mom would have been proud if they won, but now she is mad that they lost and she didn't even get that Jason Werth Fleece blanket that was promised to her today.. ouch that hurts.

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  1. Yes, it was a sad day when I had to leave the ballpark without my Jason Werth fleece blanket. Worse still, Jason wasn't in the regular line-up. I think his only appearance was as a pinch hitter late in the game. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie...don't you know, the moms LOVE Jason Werth? And twice on our big day we were left virtually Werthless. Come on, July 24th....