Friday, May 15, 2009

Phillies need a field stimulous! Thanks Obama

'I would say the Phillies need a pitching and batting stimulous at this time! Beam them up!
photo: Dowd NY Times

The Phillies will finally meet President Obama at the White House and what he may tell them is they need some stimulation on the field. The Phillies are for the most part healthy but they are not playing like they are. The team has now played to a .500 record and they are playing at home like they would be playing out in Saskatchewan or some far away place like that. Their home record is a surprising 8-12. The fans are at the ball park, but something is wrong. The smiles are gone, the fun isn't happening... I hope this team didn't forget that they are supposed to have fun out there on the field as well.

This afternoon, the President of the United States will welcome the Phillies players to the White House. This doesn't happen too often for the Phillies and I hope it has a good impact on them. There is a long race building up with the Mets, and the newly resurgent Atlanta Braves. It's only May and there is interesting developments building up in the NL East.

The Phillies need to go out on the field and know they are a better team than Washington this weekend. They need to go out there and sweep them, and start playing like they are World Champions.