Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phillies look to bounce back on Mom's Day

The Phillies surprised me on Friday night, they came out to the park to win. Win they did, in a great way on Friday, then on Saturday it all disappears. This is what is puzzling about the Phillies, they look so good one game then the next, it seems like it isn't the same team. I am not saying they should win every game, but they don't really win games with great regularity. This is a championship team from last year, right now, the pitching staff is failing. 'F' is for failing and that's what they get as a grade up to this point.

A team shouldn't have to come from behind to win all the games that the Phillies have won so far. It is scary to think they had to do that 11 times in 15 wins. This team could very well sink to the bottom if the offense left it for any length of time. Rich Dubee should start to be in the spotlight for some of this trouble. No one has mentioned him as a culprit in this starting pitching debacle. He should be, the pitching coach is someone who is supposed to right the wrongs on the staff, and besides some choice quotes after the game in regards to the way a pitcher on the staff didn't do that well during that game, I don't see too much results on the positive side towards solving this dilemma.

All that heavy stuff aside, Happy Mother's Day - Game time is moved up to 12:35pm- See you at the ballpark!

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