Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phillies have real dilemma with Myers injury



Myers will be out the rest of the season this year

The Phillies are trying to tone down the immediacy in reference to them needing a quality starter to step up for the injury to Brett Myers. GM Ruben Amaro Jr has said that the Phils are in no rush to bring someone else in, and the Phils would fill in Myers starting role with a minor leaguer.

   In years past, this was an easy decision for the team, but now that they are the defending World Champions of baseball, this may be something that they want to rethink. Amaro would probably love nothing more than to sign a big name like Roy Oswalt or Jake Peavy. Do the Phillies have deep enough pockets though? And what is their thirst for answering this call with another big free agent signing.

  In the past, the Phillies would never consider going after a big name when they have plenty of young able arms to pull from the minors. This combined with the fact that the Phillies have a payroll in the 130 million area make the team think twice whether or not they will keep spending and at what benefit will it provide. Are the Phillies looking at October as a real possibility again? We will see in the next two weeks when the Phillies call up will have a couple of starts under their belts.


  Cole Hamels is going for the Phillies tonight, and again tomorrow, it’s Jamie Moyer going for win #250 for his career. I think he gets the win on Sunday this time. If he get’s hit badly though, it’s time to start a small panic by the Phillies in regards to pitching. The starting rotation as we know it could be much different heading into the All Star break in July then we have now.



Hamels numbers going into tonights game:

   Wins 2  -  Losses 2   ERA  4.68        43 strikeouts   

   Starting his 9th game of the season for 2009 tonight

   2009 so far:   42.1 innings pitched   9 homeruns   9 walks issued

   No hit batters so far  and 0 Intentional walks issued so far

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