Friday, May 08, 2009

Moyer not his best last night

Found this funny video on Youtube, a baseball in a blender

There will come a time when Jamie Moyer retires, hopefully Jamie will know when he is finished and not cause a team to say it to him. Last night's game against the Mets certainly seemed to be an indication that the end may be closer than one thinks. I remember the Rolling Stones song, "This may be the last time, I don't know." Jamie Moyer has done more than most pitchers can ever dream of, he's one of the best players to ever wear a Phillies uniform. One of the best, not really in stats but as a quality human being. A guy that goes out and signs autographs before games, a guy that has a terrific charity that he donates time and money to, and an overall great person. He won't leave baseball after his pitching days are done. He is undoubted more than qualified to be a pitching coach on a major league team if he chooses to after he retires from pitching.

Last night, Jamie Moyer pitched one of 'those' games. Those type of games that you don't want to see by a pitcher that is even close to Jamie's age. I remember last year in the playoffs, against the Dodgers, Jamie turned in just a horrible game then and I started to think, is this the 'last time'. The Phillies had such a great two game series in St. Louis and then on to New York, the tide has changed. Jamie was just able to pitch 2.1 innings giving up 7 hits and 7 runs with 2 walks and 3 homeruns. I know Jamie will know when he's had enough. Just like Mike Schmidt decided one day, "I'm done," and he just retired because he knew he could no longer continue.

Jamie Moyer will get his 250th win that is no doubt, he will have other starts and go on to win more games for the Phillies this year. That is what he knows how to do. He will also know when he no longer wants to suit up for a game, when he has thrown his last pitch, and when to leave on his own terms.


  1. what a great win !!!!!!!! IM just so happy i feel like singing Lalalalalalalalalal phillies suck hahah whaaa wha lalalalalallalalal alalalallalala we won lalalall allal alalalal alalala lalan HOW SWEEP IT IS haha

  2. Have your fun now - your Mets will fold like a blanket by September!

    Just like the last two seasons... better yet, go out and spend a $1,000 on two seats to a game at Citi and watch them play!

    Ha Ha