Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moyer is not improving poor starts; Phils lose 9-2

Jamie desperately is trying to find his stuff
pic: c. r.baxter 2009

The Phillies took another ride on the see saw they have been on and off of for the past two weeks. Tonight they lose against the Dodgers as they continue to search for themselves. Jamie Moyer is looking the worst in his Phillies career over his last three games now, and it's time to worry about him. He got by on marginal 'stuff' last year, and finished with a great record. All that is now history, and he is starting to pitch like you would expect a guy of his age to pitch against a major league team.

The Phils may have did the right thing in rewarding Moyer with a two year contract in the off season, but now it is time to start to wonder if Jamie will ever get his good stuff back. He had 7 ER's with 8 hits tonight on 7 runs scored. He had only 1 strikeout and gave up a homerun as his era has ballooned up to 8.15. Moyer is starting to unravel and it isn't pretty, if his next outing is like this, we may see some action by the club, even though Moyer is searching for his 250th victory. Personal accomplishments should never stand in the way of the team, and his 23 years as a pro could be on the line as soon as the All Star Break, if something doesn't change.

Moyer didn't have any run support to speak of in this game. The offense of the Phillies has been not to good at home this year. The bats fell silent tonight and it leads to another Phillies loss. The team seems to be off kilter at home so far this season. The fans have been there, but so far it hasn't always been roses this year at home. The Phils were 0-6 with runners in scoring position tonight and wasted two doubles by Carlos Ruiz tonight.

Note on Rollins demotion from lead off spot: Todd Zolecki faced some glaring looks from Rollins when Todd asked about Rollins recent tough luck at the plate the other day. The question wasn't phrased properly by Todd and it was interpreted by Rollins as an insult. It's like Rollins asking him "Well your recent articles sucked, what do you think of all those folks that think you can't write anymore?" or something along those lines. There is a proper way to phrase things that make it not sound so bad. By the way the Tampa Rays leadoff batter is BJ Upton, he is batting .160 going into tonight's start of play and he remains as the Rays leadoff batter. Rays manager Joe Maddon said he wanted to stay with Upton because he will get his swing back soon. That manager obviously is treating his player with confidence. Is Manuel overreacting demoting Jimmy like that?

Businessman's special on Thursday, it should be the best pitching matchup of the series with Hamels vs. Billingsley - The Phillies offense needs to get motivated!

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