Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A month without Harry Kalas

This has been one of the longest months I can remember as a baseball fan. Something is missing, and I know what it is. The something is Harry Kalas. It's been almost a month since we all lost Harry. His absence has been deafening. I went to the ball park on Sunday and even though I never met Harry the K, I felt like there was a definite difference in the air there. I used to look up at the broadcast booth and wonder how Harry was doing, how he was getting ready for the game, and what he would say during the game.

The Phillies are more like a family, the people who work the stadium have been there for years. The vendors are the same year after year, and they all enjoy what they do from the cleaning crew to the vendors that sell you that hotdog or soda. It's a big family, and they all miss Harry too. This is the second editon of Phillies Magazine in the photo, it is a collector's item for sure. It still just hasn't sunk in yet but looking at this cover really hits home hard, Harry will never be back, never in the booth again.

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