Monday, May 18, 2009

Mets rain game from May 3rd still not rescheduled

It used to be easy to reschedule a game that was rained out for a baseball team in the old days. The holders of such rain tickets would generally get rescheduled fairly quickly and sometimes end up with a 'free' game out of it when the team rescheduled it as a 'twi-night doubleheader'. That was in the old days though. In the present, money and time are two precious commodities and it seems like a long time since the Phillies and the Mets were rained out on May 3rd and still no rescheduled game has been announced.

I scrutinized the schedule and unless the teams agree on the grueling day/night doubleheader with games at 1pm and 7 pm on a date that they will play in Philly in July or September, it seems that a 'one off' game can only happen on two dates, June 15th or September 14th when both teams have the day off and the teams are somewhat in the same area of the country. In fact the Phillies are already playing three games with the Mets from Sept. 11-13th in Philly and just adding the 14th of September would make it a four game series. This September choice would seem the most obvious if the teams want to just pick an off day to play the game to be made up. If they chose the June off day for both teams, the Phillies would be on a 9 game homestand from June 12 to the 21st so another game with the Mets then would just make it a 10 game homestand.

So my first choice for the game would be on September 14th - we'll see if they announce this makeup any time soon. I doubt the teams will want to play an extra game in Philly on the July 4th weekend when the Phils will play the Mets on July 3-4-5 unless of course they do a day/night on the 5th of July and reschedule the game as part of some ESPN Sunday night baseball game at 8:05 pm - that is an option as well.


  1. I hope they schedule it on July 4th weekend!

  2. That would be good Chad, I don't think a game has taken this long to be rescheduled in a while!

    It's been over 3 weeks and still no annoucement.

  3. Thanks for this post. I had tickets to this game and had not heard anything, so I googled it to make sure I didnt miss anything and your blog came up. I hope they make an announcement soon!