Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mets maybe playing better but fans aren't buying it

Omar tries to cover his own by blaming Mets players

The Mets won game 1 of the series with the Phillies last night. You would think Mets fans would be happy and some of them probably were, but I was listening to NY sports radio this morning and I was hearing a different tune from Mets fans that are sick of Mets GM, Omar Minaya. They can't understand why he is still a GM with the Mets being with all that has happened in the past two years and really continuing this season. The callers complained about the signings of Omar, and certain other things about the Mets.

Omar had an interview last night before the game with Fox Sports. Omar seemed to have thrown a couple players to the wolves namely Jose Reyes for being 'too soft'. Then when asked about what he meant by that was that he thought the Mets needed more toughness to them. What is this hockey? I think Mets fans are right, Omar is a whack job and should be shown the door.

We'll see if this interview gets more flames to it by this afternoon which is a Fox Saturday afternoon game at 3:40 pm - maybe it will. New York radio personality Mike Francesa spoke up for Omar this morning. He said, he agreed with Omar and thought that the Mets were in need of toughness overhaul. I guess Carlos Delgado, and third baseman, David Wright aren't tough guys.... they look a little tough to me. Omar has taken a big step towards a deep cliff just outside of Citi Field with these type of comments. Of course he would want to blame everyone else for the Mets recent failures to make himself look good, that is the nature of the beast.

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