Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mayberry tries but Lidge fails Phillies

John Mayberry Jr. arrived in New York and delivered his part in today’s tough loss in New York’s New Yankee Stadium. The Phillies had to lead most of the game, until the bottom of the 9th when Brad Lidge finally let the Phillies down after several near misses in the past few games. Brilliant relief by Chad Durbin, and Ryan Madson set Lidge up for what is probably the toughest job in baseball: the closer.

I am officially starting to get concerned about Lidge now. He’s getting in jams basically everytime he’s out there lately. Most of the time he has wiggled out of the jams, but today it all came crumbling in on him and the Phillies taste a tough defeat after what appeared to be a win for them until the Yankees spoiled the Phils plans.

Ryan Madson looked really strong, he probably could have come out there and shut the Yankees down, but when Lidge was called upon, he usually delivers a save as asked. There is a worried look in Lidge’s eyes out there on the mound. It’s almost like the magic of last year is gone for him and is he going to find it anywhere again? That is the question. His 41 saves of last year are still in my memory, but that memory is starting to fade a bit now that Lidge has three blown saves already in this young season of 2009.

An intentional walk on Alex Rodriguez perhaps may have been in order in this situation today as well. Show him some respect, he’s already beat another team with a walk off homerun just a few games ago.

Stats at a Glance for todays game- Saturday May 23rd 2009

Final Score- Phillies 4 and the Yankees 5

Jimmy Rollins, Jason Werth, and Ryan Howard - all 0-4 at the plate each

John Mayberry - 2-3 with 3 RBI's including a double and a HR

Brad Lidge - 0-2 now with 3rd blown save 9.16 ERA on season

The Phillies who have so often come from behind this season have been eclipsed by none other than the New York Yankees who now have the most comeback wins in all of baseball. The Phils defeat today was tough to take, but they’ll be back out on the diamond for game 3 of this interleague matchup on Sunday afternoon for C.C. Sabathia vs. Cole Hamels.

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