Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marlins flop the Phillies out of First

The Phillies fall from First Place for now

The Florida Marlins put up a tough fight tonight in Philly. They wanted to win this game more than the Phils. The Phillies had the bases loaded in the bottom of the first inning and couldn't score anyone with only one out, this would be a bad sign from the beginning of the game.

Brett Myers pitched a fairly good game up to the top of the 6th inning when he gave up his second homerun on the night which was a two run homer by Cody Ross. Myers also made a great grab of a line drive that was heading right for his head early in the game, and probably saved him from an injury. In the end Myers gave up 7 hits, with 5 runs, with 5 of them earned runs. His ERA is now at 4.66

The pesky New York Mets defeated the Washington Nationals tonight to send them into first place. The Phillies next face those Nationals over the weekend on Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday when Jamie Moyer is going for win # 250 again. It doesn't matter how many times he has to go out and try to get this win, but 250 is being stubborn to Jamie, and it's getting a lot of press. Jamie Moyer has said, "It's not about me," in reference to his upcoming starts, and he wants to focus on the team and not himself. That's another reason I think Jamie is a stand up guy.

Speaking of the Mets, they will play none other than the Florida Marlins over this weekend at home at Citi Field. The Mets after the weekend go to Pittsburgh and Washington while the Phillies will head out west to San Diego and LA before heading over to New York on June 9-10-11 to finish out their 10 game road trip that starts in San Diego June 1st. The Mets then go onto play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium after they play the Phillies.

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