Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's give Jimmy some respect!

Rollins is the spark to the Phillies Offense

this photo from Mother's Day 2009

pic: r.baxter c. 2009

Jimmy Rollins hasn't been playing like the Jimmy we know. Players will go through these slumps at times and it isn't the end of the world and time to sound the alarms that have been going off in the Phillies dugout so far this year. Dropping Jimmy down in the lineup is a way for a manager to shake things up a bit. It's not like everything is going to change just because of this. In the first game of the Dodgers series the Phillies won, Charlie Manuel looks like a genius to the unsuspecting fan that thinks they've won because of Jimmy's demotion. Jason Werth won that game for the Phillies in Game 1 - nobody else.

The slump will be over for Jimmy hopefully soon. Phillies fans and sportswriters aren't sympathetic to slumps. They act if they don't exist, like they've never seen a player go through a rough time. Schmidt went through the same scrutiny as did all the other great Phillies. We all love a winner, but let's not forget what Jimmy is to the team: a motivator. He is the spark, he has been the spark and he'll again be on top of his game again. People have some short memories when it comes to Jimmy, he is one of the best players to wear a Phillies uniform- let's not forget that. We listen to people like Angelo Cataldi of WIP sportsradio and guys like that who don't give a damn about a player, but they'll trample him in a second if they are going through a tough time. Jimmy is an MVP, a true great player let's not forget that and support him when he needs us!

Stats about Rollins:

  • Full name- James Calvin Rollins
  • 3 time All Star 2001-2002-2005
  • NL MVP 2007
  • April 2009 batting average . 207
  • April 2008 batting average .286 but Jimmy was injured only played in 12 games for Apr.
  • Finished 2008 with .277 average for regular season
  • 2008 totals 11 HR's and 59 RBI's
  • 30 years old, with this being his 10th season as a Phillies player
  • Seventh youngest player to play in the major leagues
  • 2nd of all active players in baseball with Triples hit, he has a total of 90 before start of 2009 season - Number 1? - Johnny Damon with 93 total triples at the end of 2008 season
  • In his All Star games he is 3-3 with a perfect 1.000 Batting average

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