Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Citizens Bank Park Fans boo Helms, he goes 3-5 with 4 RBI's

Mum's the word - Phillies fans must learn!

I've never understood the fans at Citizen's Bank Park or Veteran's Stadium. They go to a game and when a former player comes up that they want to show some of their displeasure with, they boo their hearts out. 8 times out of ten that tends to backfire on them. That player then has it in his mind that he wants to do his best now that he knows where you stands with the crowd. I've seen it with Scott Rolen, and many other players over the years including Chipper Jones who never played for the Phillies but still gets booed here for some reason.

It's true Wes Helms was never the best player to ever put a Phillies uniform on. He's not the worst player either to ever have had the Philly pinstripes on. Why would you want to give a player extra fuel to go out there and have an awesome night against you? It's like daring someone to step up and beat you. But it still goes on, the stupidity of the 'boo' still continues to ring out from the stands in great numbers. The boos were so evident early on that the Phillies announcers even commented on it because you really couldn't hear the loudness of the boos from the tv, it's a different story when you're at the stadium though.

This underlying story about booing Helms will not be something you read about in any sports story, or recap of the game. The power of the boo from fans can come back to haunt them though. It can cause a player to get his adrenaline flowing and just go out there and circle the bases on you. Maybe someone should tell those fans that booed Helms that they helped the Marlins win last night.

Will Jamie Moyer get his 250th? I still am optimistic about it, the Phillies actually had a good game pitched last night. Despite the cries that Jamie is finished from other blogs and sports shows, I don't think this is the case. Wes Helms just got really pissed about hearing those boos and it gave him the extra incentive to beat his old team.

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