Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bastardo may do well to avoid newspaper headlines

Let's just call him "AB" for short!

Who is that Bastardo anyway? This poor guy has probably the worst name as a pitcher that has come down the minors in a long time. Good thing we don't live in New York, I can see the headlines now, "That Bastard" or something mean like that. Well, Philly fans wouldn't be that mean or would they?

He'll get a start on Tuesday so says the Phillies when the Phils play the San Diego Padres on the West Coast roadtrip. I can't wait to hear Wheels, and Larry Anderson pronounce this name on the air, I know they'll get a kick out of it!

Let's hope this season doesn't go down the tubes from here as well. The Phillies will now have two minor leaguers in the starting 5 rotation. This isn't a good sign, unless of course these minor leaguers are really pitching lights out for the team. Every five days comes fast in baseball, and if the Phillies start a free fall in the standings quickly, it could be tough to gain that ground on the Mets. We'll see.......

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