Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are the Yankees and the Mets ruining baseball?

The Yankees Organization has lost all their marbles and act if they are marketing to multimillionaires instead of the baseball fan anymore - here's a recent ad they are treating seats between first and third base like it's something you'll never get an opportunity to get to sit at, because that their prices you never will! New York fans should start a boycott and let them know it's the public that they are hurting!

The question of “Are the Yankees and Mets ruining baseball?”, is an easy answer. Just look at the Mets season so far, they haven't sold a game out yet in their new stadium. There are plenty of Mets fans out there, but they simply can't afford to go to a game because they can't spend $300-$400 a seat to see them. The new stadiums that both the Mets and the Yankees were so proud to have built have disturbed the normal ebb and flow of reality when the planners started to price the ticket prices for these games. The fans are the ones who must now suffer, they simply can't go to a game and sit from first to third anymore. The greed and misjudgment by both teams is costing baseball more than one realizes.

Fans will not magically find wads of cash and start spending it on baseball games, nor will companies shell out thousands of dollars for a baseball game to entertain clients. The madness that is going on in New York as far as pricing tickets for games should be reviewed by Major League Baseball and dealt with as a serious matter. Bud Selig just saying, “We're in a recession, so watch your prices,” is not enough when it comes to New York. Both teams have embarrassed the game of baseball with their empty seats on television. Major League Baseball should step in and tell these teams, “No, you can't charge those kind of prices.” Both the Yankees and the Mets have been on a outrageous spending spree on players, new stadiums, and now they have tried to put this madness off on the fans. That isn't fair and it is going to hurt the game in the long run. The Yankees made a ludicrous announcement that they were lowering the prices of their $2500 seats to certain games. This is how crazy the team is, how could anyone think that someone or some company would spend that on a seat at a baseball game?

Why should I care since I am a blog writer and internet show host that talks Phillies baseball in Philadelphia? That is the question everyone should ask themselves as a baseball fan, “why should I care?” If you like baseball, you should care.

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