Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moyer wins # 250 – Phils sweep Nationals again







      Jamie Moyer gets Win # 250 on a beautiful Sunday afternoon May 31 2009


 A Very Happy Moyer is behind the smile today after the game with the star of the game interview with Gary Sarge Matthews

The Phillies sweep the Nationals today for the second time this season and for the fourth sweep of the year of a series for the ‘09 Fightin Phillies:

 Series Sweeps for 2009:

3 games vs. Florida Marlins Apr 24-26 2009  in Florida

2 games vs. St. Louis Cardinals May 4-5  2009 in Saint Louis

3 games vs. Washington Nationals  May 15-17 2009 in Washington

3 games vs. Washington Nationals  May 29-31 2009 in Philly

The Phillies next take on the NL West with the San Diego Padres for three games and the LA Dodgers for 4 games with next Sunday night June 7th being an ESPN

8 pm game

Chasing 250 – Moyer starts game 594 today


Brett Myers career as a Philadelphia Phillie may be over, his season was cut short by injury and if Brett and the Phillies don’t see eye to eye on contract negotiations for 2010 and beyond we may have seen the last of Mr. Brett Myers in Philly pinstripes. Today, Jamie Moyer will get another chance to win something that very few pitchers do: 250 Wins as a Major League pitcher. Luckily for Moyer he is healthy and not suffering the same fate as Myers is now, for that could be a career ending injury for Moyer if it were to happen to him.

When we speak of ‘The Chase for 250’ it is really a press manufactured headline, not one that Moyer goes beating his chest about ever. In fact, Moyer has continually said, “It’s not about me, it’s about the team.” That is the kind of guy Moyer is, a stand up classy player who puts the team first. However just for fun and entertainment lets look at some stats for Jamie and his long MLB career:

Jamie Moyer stats

  • Born- November 18, 1962
  • Drafted by the Chicago Cubs 6th Round 1984 amateur draft
  • MLB Debut June 16, 1986
  • First Win June 16 1986, he beat Steve Carlton and the Phillies 7-5 at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs – attendance 20,614
  • Current Lifetime record as of Saturday May 30 2009 - 249-190
  • Lifetime ERA 4.23 as of May 30 2009
  • 593 games started as of May 30 2009
  • 2274 strikeouts as of May 30 2009
  • 23rd season in the MLB
  • Last season for the Phillies 16-7 3.71 ERA for season

Hopefully this is ‘the’ game for the milestone and Jamie can start towards 300 wins next!

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Bastardo may do well to avoid newspaper headlines

Let's just call him "AB" for short!

Who is that Bastardo anyway? This poor guy has probably the worst name as a pitcher that has come down the minors in a long time. Good thing we don't live in New York, I can see the headlines now, "That Bastard" or something mean like that. Well, Philly fans wouldn't be that mean or would they?

He'll get a start on Tuesday so says the Phillies when the Phils play the San Diego Padres on the West Coast roadtrip. I can't wait to hear Wheels, and Larry Anderson pronounce this name on the air, I know they'll get a kick out of it!

Let's hope this season doesn't go down the tubes from here as well. The Phillies will now have two minor leaguers in the starting 5 rotation. This isn't a good sign, unless of course these minor leaguers are really pitching lights out for the team. Every five days comes fast in baseball, and if the Phillies start a free fall in the standings quickly, it could be tough to gain that ground on the Mets. We'll see.......

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Phillies have real dilemma with Myers injury



Myers will be out the rest of the season this year

The Phillies are trying to tone down the immediacy in reference to them needing a quality starter to step up for the injury to Brett Myers. GM Ruben Amaro Jr has said that the Phils are in no rush to bring someone else in, and the Phils would fill in Myers starting role with a minor leaguer.

   In years past, this was an easy decision for the team, but now that they are the defending World Champions of baseball, this may be something that they want to rethink. Amaro would probably love nothing more than to sign a big name like Roy Oswalt or Jake Peavy. Do the Phillies have deep enough pockets though? And what is their thirst for answering this call with another big free agent signing.

  In the past, the Phillies would never consider going after a big name when they have plenty of young able arms to pull from the minors. This combined with the fact that the Phillies have a payroll in the 130 million area make the team think twice whether or not they will keep spending and at what benefit will it provide. Are the Phillies looking at October as a real possibility again? We will see in the next two weeks when the Phillies call up will have a couple of starts under their belts.


  Cole Hamels is going for the Phillies tonight, and again tomorrow, it’s Jamie Moyer going for win #250 for his career. I think he gets the win on Sunday this time. If he get’s hit badly though, it’s time to start a small panic by the Phillies in regards to pitching. The starting rotation as we know it could be much different heading into the All Star break in July then we have now.



Hamels numbers going into tonights game:

   Wins 2  -  Losses 2   ERA  4.68        43 strikeouts   

   Starting his 9th game of the season for 2009 tonight

   2009 so far:   42.1 innings pitched   9 homeruns   9 walks issued

   No hit batters so far  and 0 Intentional walks issued so far

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marlins flop the Phillies out of First

The Phillies fall from First Place for now

The Florida Marlins put up a tough fight tonight in Philly. They wanted to win this game more than the Phils. The Phillies had the bases loaded in the bottom of the first inning and couldn't score anyone with only one out, this would be a bad sign from the beginning of the game.

Brett Myers pitched a fairly good game up to the top of the 6th inning when he gave up his second homerun on the night which was a two run homer by Cody Ross. Myers also made a great grab of a line drive that was heading right for his head early in the game, and probably saved him from an injury. In the end Myers gave up 7 hits, with 5 runs, with 5 of them earned runs. His ERA is now at 4.66

The pesky New York Mets defeated the Washington Nationals tonight to send them into first place. The Phillies next face those Nationals over the weekend on Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday when Jamie Moyer is going for win # 250 again. It doesn't matter how many times he has to go out and try to get this win, but 250 is being stubborn to Jamie, and it's getting a lot of press. Jamie Moyer has said, "It's not about me," in reference to his upcoming starts, and he wants to focus on the team and not himself. That's another reason I think Jamie is a stand up guy.

Speaking of the Mets, they will play none other than the Florida Marlins over this weekend at home at Citi Field. The Mets after the weekend go to Pittsburgh and Washington while the Phillies will head out west to San Diego and LA before heading over to New York on June 9-10-11 to finish out their 10 game road trip that starts in San Diego June 1st. The Mets then go onto play the Yankees at Yankee Stadium after they play the Phillies.

Phillies finally announce makeup game from May 3rd

The Phillies and the Mets really took their time on this one, and it's a dooosie. The rained out game with the Phils vs. Mets from May 3rd Sunday, has been rescheduled to September 13th, which is also a Sunday. That's not the best part, it will be a 1:05pm and then 8:05pm second game with the second game being the 'makeup' game. So everyone with the Sunday plan will go to the first game and then have to leave the stadium and find something to do for a couple of hours and return for the night game. I don't really feel like paying for parking twice either, but we'll see how that works out as well. Of course you can exchange your ticket from May 3rd as well for another game.

Here's the official announcement from the Phillies press release:

The May 3 Phillies vs. New York Mets game, which was postponed due to inclement weather, has been rescheduled as part of a day-night separate admission doubleheader on Sunday, September 13 at 8:05 p.m.

Fans holding tickets for the May 3 game can use those tickets for the rescheduled game at 8:05 p.m. on September 13.

The regularly scheduled game on September 13 will begin at 1:05 p.m. Fans holding tickets for September 13 should attend the 1:05 p.m. game.

The 1:05 p.m. game will be televised locally on myphl17. The Charlie Manuel Show and W.B. Mason Behind the Pinstripes will air on myphl17 at noon and 12:30 p.m., respectively. Broadcast information for the 8:05 p.m. game will be announced at a later date. In addition, the games will air on WPHT, The Big Talker 1210 AM, and the Phillies' Spanish Beisbol Network on WUBA (1480 AM).

Phillies Talk - podcast from last night

Moyer can't seem to get win # 250, we'll see him again on Sunday

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Phillies fry Fish after late inning scare

The Phillies were victorious for the 9th time this season at home last night. They held on to beat the Florida Marlins 5-3 after taking a 5-0 lead into the ninth inning at CBP. Joe Blanton found his groove and had his strikeout pitch going for a career high 11 strikeouts in this game. Ryan Howard who previously had no errors on the season got his first of the year with a throwing error in the 9th and allowed the Marlins to give the Phillies the last inning scare.

Shane Victorino had 4 hits for the Phils in the victory last night as well. The Phillies improve to 25-19 and get a much needed win to stay atop the NL East. The Phillies have still been great in their last 10 games with a record of 7-3. Despite a cold and damp windy night, the Phillies came away with a win at home to improve to 9-13 at home. New York remains at only 1/2 game back behind the Phillies in the standings.

Brett Myers looks to build on his last start tonight at the stadium. Jason Werth broke out of a mini slump with a double and the stage is set for the Phils to take their 10th victory of the year at home tonight despite this being their 23rd game played at home this year. The Phillies will have an off day on Thursday and a weekend series at home against Washington to finish out the month of May.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Citizens Bank Park Fans boo Helms, he goes 3-5 with 4 RBI's

Mum's the word - Phillies fans must learn!

I've never understood the fans at Citizen's Bank Park or Veteran's Stadium. They go to a game and when a former player comes up that they want to show some of their displeasure with, they boo their hearts out. 8 times out of ten that tends to backfire on them. That player then has it in his mind that he wants to do his best now that he knows where you stands with the crowd. I've seen it with Scott Rolen, and many other players over the years including Chipper Jones who never played for the Phillies but still gets booed here for some reason.

It's true Wes Helms was never the best player to ever put a Phillies uniform on. He's not the worst player either to ever have had the Philly pinstripes on. Why would you want to give a player extra fuel to go out there and have an awesome night against you? It's like daring someone to step up and beat you. But it still goes on, the stupidity of the 'boo' still continues to ring out from the stands in great numbers. The boos were so evident early on that the Phillies announcers even commented on it because you really couldn't hear the loudness of the boos from the tv, it's a different story when you're at the stadium though.

This underlying story about booing Helms will not be something you read about in any sports story, or recap of the game. The power of the boo from fans can come back to haunt them though. It can cause a player to get his adrenaline flowing and just go out there and circle the bases on you. Maybe someone should tell those fans that booed Helms that they helped the Marlins win last night.

Will Jamie Moyer get his 250th? I still am optimistic about it, the Phillies actually had a good game pitched last night. Despite the cries that Jamie is finished from other blogs and sports shows, I don't think this is the case. Wes Helms just got really pissed about hearing those boos and it gave him the extra incentive to beat his old team.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Phillies: There’s no place like home.. Moyer looks for Win # 250 tonight


The Phillies have played 42 games as of yesterday’s win in New York. The team has amassed a 16-6 road record which is the best in the league. That’s the great news! The not so great news is the Phillies home record which is the worst for any team in 1st place in their division in baseball. No other team in the lead of their division has a losing record at home, but the Phillies do and they are 8-12 at Citizen’s Bank Park.

The Phillies are anything but what you would call normal about a 1st place team. The pitching staff is near the bottom of the whole National League in regards to ERA, only the Nationals have a higher staff ERA at this point in the season. The team is being powered by the offense at this time, and pitching remains the chief concern about this team as we head into the last week of May. The Phillies offense has a 5.7 runs per game average which is the highest total of any NL team going into tonight’s game. The last 20 games the Phillies are 12-8.

Tonight’s game with the Marlins finds that team in a state of decline despite what a great start they had in the month of April. In the last 20 games the Marlins are 6-14 and versus the NL East so far this year they are 13-7. The Marlins are 5.5 games back in the NL East and have a 20-25 record. This doesn’t mean the Phillies should take the Marlins lightly though, tonight they will pitch Chris Volstad and he ‘s been a bright spot in the Marlins rotation with a 3-3 record and 3.64 ERA.

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…..

What’s happened to Brad Lidge?


photo:  Chuck Solomon/Sports Illustrated

The closer is historically the toughest pitcher on the staff, the one that gets the ball sometimes with the game on the line and he’s asked to stop the other team in their tracks and ‘save’ the game for the team. The Phillies closer last year was Brad Lidge, he was lights out everytime he got the ball. He had 41 saves last year without a blown save. That stat in itself is a great one, 41 games a pitcher appears in, and he doesn’t ever lose one for the team. We all will never forget 2008 that is for sure.

Fast forward to the present, and it’s a much different scenario. What came so automatically last year, is now gone in a flash. The memories of all the saved games continue, but now with the recent trouble Brad Lidge has had on the mound, the thought now has turned to ‘what’s wrong with Brad Lidge.”

If you listen to Charlie Manuel’s quote the other day about this he said something along the lines that ‘Brad just needed to get that one more out and he would be fine.’ Yes, if he did that he would have been fine, but he didn’t and now that one more out has the Phillies losing ballgames and getting people worried with the rest of the season this year regarding the Phillies closer. The truth is at this very moment things are not fine and Brad Lidge has 4 blown saves and we’re not even close to the All Star Break yet.

According to ESPN, Brad Lidge has 31 lifetime blown saves. This includes the 4 games already this year that he has ‘blown’ a save. So one could say within the first two months the 2009 season Brad has added to his blown save total in his career by over 10 percent already this season. In 2006 with the Houston Astros, Brad Lidge had 6 blown saves for the season in 75.0 innings pitched. In ‘06, he also saved 32 games for the Astros. In 2007 for the Astros, Brad had 8 blown saves for the Astros, and that was with 67.0 innings pitched. All of the games a pitcher gets a blown save doesn’t always translate to a loss, but a lot of the time it does. This year in 2009  as of yesterday’s game with only 19.2 innings pitched, Lidge has piled up 4 blown saves in which 2 games resulted in losses. The other two games, the Phillies managed to comeback and win the game. Sound the alarm, there is trouble in Philly city with Lidge. To say anything else is incorrect or an attempt to mask the problem.


    Lidge is now 32 years of age, and the 9.15 era combined with 4 blown saves already has to raise eyebrows. We as Phillies fans don’t want to see this, it’s painful and brings back some of the memories of Mitch Williams. That is the double edged sword in being a closer, you can be so great at times, but when the tide turns against you… it’s so tough to swim to shore safely. Throw Lidge a lift raft, work on some of the mechanics of the problem or we may start seeing some other pitcher when it comes time to close the game out.

Carlos Ruiz: most underrated player on the Phillies

Ruiz is one the best clutch performers for the Phils
when you least expect it

I am not just singing the praises because Carlos Ruiz hit the game winner yesterday for the Phillies. That would be too easy to do. I am saying that Carlos Ruiz is possibly the most underrated player on the Phillies team. Time and time again Ruiz goes out there and gives it his all. He doesn't always hit for average too well but in the past few big games for the Phillies in different series this year, Ruiz has come up big for the Fightins.

Just last season before the playoffs the mood with Carlos was to want to trade him. For one reason or another, the Phillies fans and media haven't embraced him and really still haven't accepted him as a clutch performer. One reason could be the language barrier, a few words can go a long way in relations in the press, and the fans of a baseball team.

Carlos Ruiz Factfile:

Born in Panama on Jan. 22 1979
Salary: $475,000 just over the league minimum

Currently in his 4th season with the Phillies

MLB debut: May 6, 2006

facts source:

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hamels vs. Sabathia – Phillies look to win series with Yanks



                      Photoshop is fun! Hamels vs Sabathia May 24th 2009  


            The matchup a lot of people have been waiting for is finally here. Cole Hamels, World Series MVP against the Yankees C.C. Sabathia who arguably has the best agent in the world that could get him $161 Million dollars from the Yankees. Sabathia is a great pitcher no doubt, but he really isn’t on a track to the Hall of Fame anytime too soon.

             Sabathia is a 3 time all star in his 9th year of MLB service. His record this year is anything but stellar, his record is 4-3 with a 3.43 era. Last year he went 11-2 for Milwaukee after a trade from Cleveland and the Yankees bought into C.C. expecting him to let the Yankees in that double digit win total he has produced last year and in 2007 when he won 19 games.  In ‘08 he also was traded out of Cleveland after producing a 6-8 record with a 3.83 era.   


             Cole Hamels is still floating back to earth after being named the World Series MVP last year. There was concern he was slightly injured early in the season but tests showed nothing wrong that would be a trip to the DL. Only starting his 4th season, Hamels is 2-2 this year with a 4.95 era. He’s gonna have to start piling up wins to get to last year’s total of 14 wins. Hamels just needs to settle down and do what he does best and that is pitch his game and get batters out.


             Cole’s lifetime record is 40-25 and this will be his 8th start of the year this season. ESPN projects him to go 8-8 this year for the rest of the year, so we’ll see if Cole can overcome this projection with a win today in New York. The clash of the titans is here!



                              Game time:    1:05 pm from Yankee Stadium

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mayberry tries but Lidge fails Phillies

John Mayberry Jr. arrived in New York and delivered his part in today’s tough loss in New York’s New Yankee Stadium. The Phillies had to lead most of the game, until the bottom of the 9th when Brad Lidge finally let the Phillies down after several near misses in the past few games. Brilliant relief by Chad Durbin, and Ryan Madson set Lidge up for what is probably the toughest job in baseball: the closer.

I am officially starting to get concerned about Lidge now. He’s getting in jams basically everytime he’s out there lately. Most of the time he has wiggled out of the jams, but today it all came crumbling in on him and the Phillies taste a tough defeat after what appeared to be a win for them until the Yankees spoiled the Phils plans.

Ryan Madson looked really strong, he probably could have come out there and shut the Yankees down, but when Lidge was called upon, he usually delivers a save as asked. There is a worried look in Lidge’s eyes out there on the mound. It’s almost like the magic of last year is gone for him and is he going to find it anywhere again? That is the question. His 41 saves of last year are still in my memory, but that memory is starting to fade a bit now that Lidge has three blown saves already in this young season of 2009.

An intentional walk on Alex Rodriguez perhaps may have been in order in this situation today as well. Show him some respect, he’s already beat another team with a walk off homerun just a few games ago.

Stats at a Glance for todays game- Saturday May 23rd 2009

Final Score- Phillies 4 and the Yankees 5

Jimmy Rollins, Jason Werth, and Ryan Howard - all 0-4 at the plate each

John Mayberry - 2-3 with 3 RBI's including a double and a HR

Brad Lidge - 0-2 now with 3rd blown save 9.16 ERA on season

The Phillies who have so often come from behind this season have been eclipsed by none other than the New York Yankees who now have the most comeback wins in all of baseball. The Phils defeat today was tough to take, but they’ll be back out on the diamond for game 3 of this interleague matchup on Sunday afternoon for C.C. Sabathia vs. Cole Hamels.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Myers mesmerizes Yankee bats


Brett Myers handled the Yankees well tonight

and has settled down and become a great starter in '09

The Phillies had everything go right for them tonight. The pitching from Brett Myers was stellar, and the Phil’s bats exploded and this all was put together for a much needed win tonight in the Bronx. The Phillies will set the pace for the remaining games at New Yankee Stadium this weekend.

The Phillies pounded out 14 hits and 7 runs tonight powered by homeruns by Jason Werth, Raul Ibanez, Carlos Ruiz, and the leadoff homer to start the night by Jimmy Rollins. Ryan Howard had a rare 0-5 and didn’t get into tonight’s homerun frenzy, but look for him to get a homer by the time this series ends on Sunday afternoon.

This Yankee team is the strangest bunch for a $200 plus million dollar team, and I don’t think Joe Girardi knows how to handle this bunch. It only seems like a couple of years ago that he himself was on the bench as a player. The team needs an older manager like a Jim Leyland.

Game 2 starters:

JA Happ for the Phillies and

Andy Pettite for the Yankees… hey didn’t he use steroids too?

Game 1: Yankees vs Phillies Preview


Phillies at New Yankee Stadium on a mission to cool hot Yankees

The Phillies are the defending World Champions of Baseball, and they will defend their crown this weekend in New York over the Memorial Day weekend. Not only did I spend a few minutes making the fancy banner you see above, I did some research as well on this weekend of baseball between the Yankees and the Fightin Phils.

Every team who play the Phillies want to beat them. They all want a piece of the ‘World Champs’. The Yankees will be no exception. The Phillies need to go out and take it to this team that is being fielded by the Steinbrenner Group and take them to baseball school. You don’t have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to field a baseball team and expect them to win it all.

The Phillies weekend pitching rotation looks like this:

Fri, May 22
7:05 pm EDT
B. Myers vs. A. Burnett

Sat, May 23
4:10 pm EDT
J. Happ vs. A. Pettitte

Sun, May 24
1:05 pm EDT
C. Hamels vs. C. Sabathia

The marquee matchup is Sunday obviously but look for a great holiday weekend of baseball from this series from the Phillies. They just beat up on Cincinnati and now they look to go to the Bronx and take on the 24-17 Yankees, a team that has been red hot and is bringing a 9 game winning streak with them home.

Have a great Holiday Weekend, enjoy Memorial Day and remember it’s true purpose. Play ball! Phillies and the New York Yankees it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Yankee Leaders and overpaid salaries through 5/21:

Batting Average: Melky Cabrera... .316

Home Runs: Mark Teixeira... 11

RBI's: Mark Teixeira ... 32

ARod's Salary this year alone: $33 million - a complete waste of money

Current Yankee Win Streak ... 9 games

Yankees Team ERA: .... 5.15 11th in the AL

Salary this year for A.J. Burnett: .... $16.5 million - in '06 his salary with $2.2 million with Toronto - another example of how the Yankees overpay for everyone. AJ's record 2-1 with 5.02 era

Salary for Derek Jeter in '09: $21.6 Million - a full $10 million+ less than ARod

The combined salaries this year of Jeter, Rodriguez, Teixeira, and Burnett in tonight's game:

$91.7 million dollars and this is only 4 players! The Yankees have ruined the game

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scouting the New York Yankees




New and ‘old’ Yankee Stadium: Nice digs at Manhattan condo prices for the seats



The New York Yankees have a brand new home. “New” Yankee Stadium is what the stadium is called. I stand by my posts previously appearing in this blog announcing that the Yankees are ruining the MLB and baseball in particular. Ticket prices for New York fans have been priced in the hundreds of dollars per seat for a ‘chance’ to see a ball game. This team ownership has lost their minds. Bud Selig doesn’t care about the average fan and he should be more concerned what this team is doing to make fans want to turn away from baseball and just say ‘NO’ to ticket prices like the ones that the Yankees have charged for this season.

It’s no wonder that Yankee Stadium is a tough sell. Companies don’t even want any part of this debacle. New York sports radio has repeatedly called for the fact that this pricing is just plain crazy and costing more than just money in terms of souring fans appreciation for a team that used to be ‘America’s Team’. Now the Yankees are a symbol of greed, out of line salaries, and out of control management.


Now onto the baseball team. The Yankees have gone out again and tried to ‘buy’ the most expensive team that has ever fielded a game in baseball. They’ve succeeded in spending money like monopoly money and adding superstars as if they were a dime a dozen, but paying them hundred of millions of dollars to play a game. They still don’t get it, and the team isn’t winning all the games that you would think they would when they are fielding such an extensive stable of ‘stars.’ This team is like a who’s who of potential future Hall of Fame players. Not taking anything away from the players, but this team isn’t a cohesive team of players, they are just a bunch of overpaid sluggers who don’t work well when all put together.


The Phillies will take two of three or better from the Yankees. You can bank on that. The Phillies are a team of players who know how to play together and win as a ‘team.’ Yes, the Phillies have the highest payroll they’ve ever had this year as well, but no where near what this Yankee team has.  Bring back the real Yankee fans, the ones who can no longer afford to see their team. Steinbrenner and Company have ruined baseball in the Bronx.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moyer still stuck at 249 as Phils lose in Cinnci


Jamie Moyer’s quest for 250 wins continues as the Phillies lost tonight and Moyer got his 4th loss of the year. Tough night for him, with 9 hits and 3 runs, 3 earned runs given up on 105 pitches for the night. Two strikeouts and 1 HR given up by Moyer leaves his ERA at 7.62 so far for the season.

The Phillies had a quiet night at the plate. The top 5 Phillies players in tonight’s lineup went 2-23 and that gave Moyer no run support at all in this game. I don’t think you can say Jamie had a bad outing tonight. It was the offense that couldn’t get it started against Reds pitcher Aaron Harang, who improved to 4-4 on the season. All in all for the Phillies it wasn’t there best game with only 4 hits all night on 29 AB’s for the evening for all batters.

Moyer, who may be a candidate for the Hall of Fame someday, pitched in his 645th game of his career tonight, but it was not to be that he earned win number 250. The quest for 250 goes on for him, and the next start for him may be against Florida at home at Citizens Bank Park on Monday, May 25th which is Memorial Day. I think he gets the win at home, and of course the fans will go wild.

Consider these numbers from Moyer over his career:

592 games started includes tonight’s start

31 Complete Games over his career

9 Shutouts

189 Losses includes tonights loss

2,269 Strikeouts includes tonights game

ESPN projects him to have 12 wins this season total

One more game in Cincinnati at 12:35 pm on Thursday, then it’s off to the most expensive place on the planet to buy a ticket to a baseball game, Yankee Stadium, for the weekend series with the Yankees.

Tom McCarthy – Send him packing!

McCarthy has worn out his welcome with a lot of fans
The other night I was listening the the Phillies game while at the gym and on the treadmill. I was listening to a batter that had just struck out 4 times and quickly Tom McCarthy jumped at the chance to make Gary ‘Sarge’ Matthews look bad. McCarthy asked Sarge how many times did he strike out 4 times in a game. Gary said, “I don’t remember any times that I struck out 4 times in a game.” Undaunted, Tom McCarthy pressed on, he kept hounding Matthews about it, and suddenly he said, well now 20 people are looking it up in the press booth. A few minutes went by and then McCarthy crowed like a guy who was so happy to announce that Sarge had struck out 4 times in a game four different times! He went on and on about it, even continuing the conversation with Chris Wheeler. It’s not just those kind of comments that make me dislike McCarthy, it’s his overall approach to announcing games.

A friend of mine at work just this week told me how much he disliked McCarthy’s style when we were discussing the Phillies game that was played the night before. I suddenly found that I am not alone in noticing that McCarthy needs to go away. I wrote a column in this blog last year and it said essentially that McCarthy isn’t a guy that sounds like he’s on the same side as the Phillies.

There is a reason the Mets let him go after a short time with them after McCarthy left the Phillies a couple years ago when he was a radio guy who did the pregame and postgame shows. Baseball announcers usually stay with a team for years and years, and the Mets sending McCarthy packing sends a big signal. Your own home team’s fans want to hear someone who is sympathetic to a club who may be going through a rough time, not someone who sounds like he has glee in his voice. So many times it sounds like McCarthy is pulling for the other team, and it's ridiculous to be paid by the Phillies to sound like a turncoat.

Here’s another McCarthyism, the other night in Washington DC, a thunderstorm blew into the stadium area and actually caused the Phillies background banner in the television booth to blow out of control and wrap around Gary Matthews while he and McCarthy were on the air. Tom’s response, he started laughing at Sarge and couldn’t stop as the camera panned into the booth and caught the whole scene on tv. Sarge shot back at McCarthy, “You’re that kind of guy” in reference to him laughing at the whole situation. This isn’t the way a guy who’s on your broadcast booth is supposed to act. I don’t think Sarge is amused by the antics of McCarthy at all. Phillies fans respect Sarge and they don’t want someone trying to make him look foolish at a joke’s expense

I can’t stand to listen to McCarthy most of the time, if you’ve never noticed how strange he sounds sometimes, listen in a little closer and you’ll hear what a lot of fans already know…McCarthy should go.

Update: 2011 - Tom has turned his game around and really improved towards the end of last season in 2010. He's not all that bad to listen to, maybe he took some of the constructive criticism and improved upon it. He's not nearly as negative as he used to be...

Jason Werth - Happy 30th Birthday !!!!

Happy Birthday to Jason from

May 20th 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Phillies Talk - the Phillies podcast live tonight at 6:30 PM

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Pitcher's Duel Alert! Tonight's Phillies game

Cole Hamels 1-2 ... 5.04 ERA
vs. Johnny Cueto 4-1 ... 1.93 ERA

Philadelphia Phillies - 20-16 ... Tie for 1st NL East
Cincinnati Reds - 20-17 ... 3 GB NL Central

from the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio at 7:10 PM

Monday, May 18, 2009

Scouting the Cincinnati Reds

The Phillies only play the Reds seven times this year, these 3 games in Cinncy starting Tuesday night and then 4 games at home in Philly in July. Here's a scouting report on the Reds.

The Reds are overdue for a great season. The last time the Reds made it to the post season was 1995 when they were swept by the Dodgers for the LCS. In 2008 and 2007, the team finished in 5th place out of the 6 teams in the NL Central. Dusty Baker is their manager and he is in his second year skippering the team. The 2009 Reds are currently without many big superstar names on the team although the team did go out and bolster the pitching by acquiring Bronson Arroyo back in 2006 and he is already 5-2 for the team this year and went 15-11 for them last year.

Here's a couple Cinncy Reds fan blogs to ponder:

Mets rain game from May 3rd still not rescheduled

It used to be easy to reschedule a game that was rained out for a baseball team in the old days. The holders of such rain tickets would generally get rescheduled fairly quickly and sometimes end up with a 'free' game out of it when the team rescheduled it as a 'twi-night doubleheader'. That was in the old days though. In the present, money and time are two precious commodities and it seems like a long time since the Phillies and the Mets were rained out on May 3rd and still no rescheduled game has been announced.

I scrutinized the schedule and unless the teams agree on the grueling day/night doubleheader with games at 1pm and 7 pm on a date that they will play in Philly in July or September, it seems that a 'one off' game can only happen on two dates, June 15th or September 14th when both teams have the day off and the teams are somewhat in the same area of the country. In fact the Phillies are already playing three games with the Mets from Sept. 11-13th in Philly and just adding the 14th of September would make it a four game series. This September choice would seem the most obvious if the teams want to just pick an off day to play the game to be made up. If they chose the June off day for both teams, the Phillies would be on a 9 game homestand from June 12 to the 21st so another game with the Mets then would just make it a 10 game homestand.

So my first choice for the game would be on September 14th - we'll see if they announce this makeup any time soon. I doubt the teams will want to play an extra game in Philly on the July 4th weekend when the Phils will play the Mets on July 3-4-5 unless of course they do a day/night on the 5th of July and reschedule the game as part of some ESPN Sunday night baseball game at 8:05 pm - that is an option as well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Phils use broom on Washington - 3rd sweep of year

Bring out the broom and sweep away those Washington Nationals. That's exactly what the Phillies needed to do in this series in Washington. It wasn't always easy, the Nationals are a couple good starting pitchers away from contending. That is their missing link, pitching. The Phillies had a tough time with the Nats who always play the Phillies pretty tough.

Next up for the Phillies are the Reds in Cincinnati for three games and then it's on the the 'new' Yankee Stadium for the Phillies for a weekend of baseball with the Yankees. Don't expect too many Phillies fans to make that trip at the prices the Yankees are charging.

Jamie Moyer is scheduled to get the ball next for the Phillies vs. Cincinnati. I hope he gets his pitching swagger back in order in this game, it's painful to watch when he gets smacked around like he has been getting hit lately. The Phillies will play the Reds only 7 times this season. The three games in Cincy and then 4 games in Philly in July. The Nationals will have plenty of opportunities to get back at the Phillies, the Nats will play the Phils 9 more times this season. At the middle and end of the series with the Nationals, it seemed as if some bad blood was developing between the teams as they started to trade beanballs at players. This no doubt will probably pick up where it left off between the teams.

For now, it's the third sweep of the season of a series for the Phillies. The first sweep of the year came against the Florida Marlins April 24-26th, and then the Phils took the short series in St. Louis on May 4-5th.

The Mets have been on fire lately, their record is 21-15 or six games over .500-

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chat live here at Fightin Phillies about the game

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Get ready for Game 2 against the Nationals, live chat here about the game!

Starting at 6:55PM Saturday night!

Phils and Obama mingle, Nationals almost upset champs

Obama and the Phillies - nice jersey!
photo: AP

The photo op and meet and greet at the White House went really well for the Phillies yesterday. It's all smiles and congratulations from the President to the team that won it all last year. That was really nice.

Here's some comparisons between what was happening in 1980 and 2008:

  • In 1980 we had a democratic President Jimmy Carter, in 2008 Democrat Barack Obama is elected President
  • In Jan. 1980 Chrysler Corporation is given $1.5 billion in bailout money, in 2008 all the major US manufacturers of cars are looking for a bailout except Ford Motor Corporation
  • In 1980 the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl, in 2008 it was the Steelers who had a great year winning the bowl in 2009
  • In 1980 the Phillies defeated the KC Royals 4 games to 2 to win the series, in 2008 the Phillies defeated the Rays 4 games to 1 to win it all. The series MVP's: 1980 Mike Schmidt and 2008 Cole Hamels.
  • In 1980 the Phillies, Flyers and Sixers all made appearences in their leagues Finals: The Sixers lost to the Lakers, the Flyers lost to the New York Islanders in the Stanley Cup - in 2008 it was only the Phillies that made it to the World Series
  • Both Phillies teams from 1980 and 2008 won the World Series at home: in 1980 the series was won at Veterans Stadium before 65,838 fans and in 2008 it was won at Citizens Bank Park before 45,940 fans

Now onto last night's game with the Nationals! The Phillies came back again to look like they would take the first game of the series with Washington until the 9th inning when the Phillies had the Nats down to 1 more out. Willie Harris who came in for Elijah Dukes earlier in the game hits a two out double and two runs score incredibly when the relay throw by Chase Utley looked like a throw by a little leaguer and was 15 feet wide of the plate. What the hell is going on with these guys?

Utley and Howard would later score in the 12th on an Ibanez single up the middle. The Phillies didn't deserve to win this game though. It's officially time to worry about this team now. They are playing terribly and there is no doubt about it. It's May 16th not, April 16th today and the Phillies have started this season off incredibly poor.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Phillies need a field stimulous! Thanks Obama

'I would say the Phillies need a pitching and batting stimulous at this time! Beam them up!
photo: Dowd NY Times

The Phillies will finally meet President Obama at the White House and what he may tell them is they need some stimulation on the field. The Phillies are for the most part healthy but they are not playing like they are. The team has now played to a .500 record and they are playing at home like they would be playing out in Saskatchewan or some far away place like that. Their home record is a surprising 8-12. The fans are at the ball park, but something is wrong. The smiles are gone, the fun isn't happening... I hope this team didn't forget that they are supposed to have fun out there on the field as well.

This afternoon, the President of the United States will welcome the Phillies players to the White House. This doesn't happen too often for the Phillies and I hope it has a good impact on them. There is a long race building up with the Mets, and the newly resurgent Atlanta Braves. It's only May and there is interesting developments building up in the NL East.

The Phillies need to go out on the field and know they are a better team than Washington this weekend. They need to go out there and sweep them, and start playing like they are World Champions.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's give Jimmy some respect!

Rollins is the spark to the Phillies Offense

this photo from Mother's Day 2009

pic: r.baxter c. 2009

Jimmy Rollins hasn't been playing like the Jimmy we know. Players will go through these slumps at times and it isn't the end of the world and time to sound the alarms that have been going off in the Phillies dugout so far this year. Dropping Jimmy down in the lineup is a way for a manager to shake things up a bit. It's not like everything is going to change just because of this. In the first game of the Dodgers series the Phillies won, Charlie Manuel looks like a genius to the unsuspecting fan that thinks they've won because of Jimmy's demotion. Jason Werth won that game for the Phillies in Game 1 - nobody else.

The slump will be over for Jimmy hopefully soon. Phillies fans and sportswriters aren't sympathetic to slumps. They act if they don't exist, like they've never seen a player go through a rough time. Schmidt went through the same scrutiny as did all the other great Phillies. We all love a winner, but let's not forget what Jimmy is to the team: a motivator. He is the spark, he has been the spark and he'll again be on top of his game again. People have some short memories when it comes to Jimmy, he is one of the best players to wear a Phillies uniform- let's not forget that. We listen to people like Angelo Cataldi of WIP sportsradio and guys like that who don't give a damn about a player, but they'll trample him in a second if they are going through a tough time. Jimmy is an MVP, a true great player let's not forget that and support him when he needs us!

Stats about Rollins:

  • Full name- James Calvin Rollins
  • 3 time All Star 2001-2002-2005
  • NL MVP 2007
  • April 2009 batting average . 207
  • April 2008 batting average .286 but Jimmy was injured only played in 12 games for Apr.
  • Finished 2008 with .277 average for regular season
  • 2008 totals 11 HR's and 59 RBI's
  • 30 years old, with this being his 10th season as a Phillies player
  • Seventh youngest player to play in the major leagues
  • 2nd of all active players in baseball with Triples hit, he has a total of 90 before start of 2009 season - Number 1? - Johnny Damon with 93 total triples at the end of 2008 season
  • In his All Star games he is 3-3 with a perfect 1.000 Batting average

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moyer is not improving poor starts; Phils lose 9-2

Jamie desperately is trying to find his stuff
pic: c. r.baxter 2009

The Phillies took another ride on the see saw they have been on and off of for the past two weeks. Tonight they lose against the Dodgers as they continue to search for themselves. Jamie Moyer is looking the worst in his Phillies career over his last three games now, and it's time to worry about him. He got by on marginal 'stuff' last year, and finished with a great record. All that is now history, and he is starting to pitch like you would expect a guy of his age to pitch against a major league team.

The Phils may have did the right thing in rewarding Moyer with a two year contract in the off season, but now it is time to start to wonder if Jamie will ever get his good stuff back. He had 7 ER's with 8 hits tonight on 7 runs scored. He had only 1 strikeout and gave up a homerun as his era has ballooned up to 8.15. Moyer is starting to unravel and it isn't pretty, if his next outing is like this, we may see some action by the club, even though Moyer is searching for his 250th victory. Personal accomplishments should never stand in the way of the team, and his 23 years as a pro could be on the line as soon as the All Star Break, if something doesn't change.

Moyer didn't have any run support to speak of in this game. The offense of the Phillies has been not to good at home this year. The bats fell silent tonight and it leads to another Phillies loss. The team seems to be off kilter at home so far this season. The fans have been there, but so far it hasn't always been roses this year at home. The Phils were 0-6 with runners in scoring position tonight and wasted two doubles by Carlos Ruiz tonight.

Note on Rollins demotion from lead off spot: Todd Zolecki faced some glaring looks from Rollins when Todd asked about Rollins recent tough luck at the plate the other day. The question wasn't phrased properly by Todd and it was interpreted by Rollins as an insult. It's like Rollins asking him "Well your recent articles sucked, what do you think of all those folks that think you can't write anymore?" or something along those lines. There is a proper way to phrase things that make it not sound so bad. By the way the Tampa Rays leadoff batter is BJ Upton, he is batting .160 going into tonight's start of play and he remains as the Rays leadoff batter. Rays manager Joe Maddon said he wanted to stay with Upton because he will get his swing back soon. That manager obviously is treating his player with confidence. Is Manuel overreacting demoting Jimmy like that?

Businessman's special on Thursday, it should be the best pitching matchup of the series with Hamels vs. Billingsley - The Phillies offense needs to get motivated!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Phillies show the Dodgers a rough time

The Phillies (and two former Dodger players) took it to LA tonight at Citizens Bank Park with a much needed win and a boost to their morale. The Phillies have taken a slow trip down in the standings in the last ten games they have gone 4-6 prior to tonight's game. Chan Ho Park has improved again for his second great start in a row. What seemed to be curtains for Park only two weeks ago, has changed the opinion of some about Park for the time being. The pitching staff as a whole for the Phillies are right near the bottom of the National League right with the Washington Nationals.

LA looked a bit flat with not much offense to speak of. A lack of Manny Ramirez also helped the situation a lot. Manny of course is sitting out 50 games and cast a cloud over himself and his career. The Mets have lost two in a row to Atlanta, so that has helped the situation the Phillies find themselves in today in third place.

The Phils and Dodgers play on ESPN Wednesday night baseball with the ageless wonder, Jamie Moyer going against former Phil Randy Wolf. That should be a good matchup and we'll see if Jamie got his problems solved from the last two starts. If he didn't, it could be a long night for the bullpen and for the Phillies.

The stars for the Phillies in Game 1 of the Dodger series:

Jason Werth - 4 stolen bases including two steals of third base and a rare steal of home! Werth who is a former Dodger, also went 2-4 and really was the catalyst for this victory. He ties the Phillies steals in a game record.

Chan Ho Park - keep the Dodgers off balance and Chan Ho earns his first win of his career as a Phillie pitcher. Many people watch Chan Ho from his native country of Korea when he pitches, they must have been proud today.

Not so hot for the Phillies tonight:

Chase Utley - 0-5 - Chase left 5 on base tonight

Ryan Howard - 0-3

Rollins - 1-3 he brings his average up to .198

Phillies Talk Podcast - listen here

This is the independent podcast about the Phillies called Phillies Talk. We record the show live over the internet and welcome your questions and comments. We are also on iTunes, so listen in and send us an email or write a comment about our show right here on the blog.

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Are the Yankees and the Mets ruining baseball?

The Yankees Organization has lost all their marbles and act if they are marketing to multimillionaires instead of the baseball fan anymore - here's a recent ad they are treating seats between first and third base like it's something you'll never get an opportunity to get to sit at, because that their prices you never will! New York fans should start a boycott and let them know it's the public that they are hurting!

The question of “Are the Yankees and Mets ruining baseball?”, is an easy answer. Just look at the Mets season so far, they haven't sold a game out yet in their new stadium. There are plenty of Mets fans out there, but they simply can't afford to go to a game because they can't spend $300-$400 a seat to see them. The new stadiums that both the Mets and the Yankees were so proud to have built have disturbed the normal ebb and flow of reality when the planners started to price the ticket prices for these games. The fans are the ones who must now suffer, they simply can't go to a game and sit from first to third anymore. The greed and misjudgment by both teams is costing baseball more than one realizes.

Fans will not magically find wads of cash and start spending it on baseball games, nor will companies shell out thousands of dollars for a baseball game to entertain clients. The madness that is going on in New York as far as pricing tickets for games should be reviewed by Major League Baseball and dealt with as a serious matter. Bud Selig just saying, “We're in a recession, so watch your prices,” is not enough when it comes to New York. Both teams have embarrassed the game of baseball with their empty seats on television. Major League Baseball should step in and tell these teams, “No, you can't charge those kind of prices.” Both the Yankees and the Mets have been on a outrageous spending spree on players, new stadiums, and now they have tried to put this madness off on the fans. That isn't fair and it is going to hurt the game in the long run. The Yankees made a ludicrous announcement that they were lowering the prices of their $2500 seats to certain games. This is how crazy the team is, how could anyone think that someone or some company would spend that on a seat at a baseball game?

Why should I care since I am a blog writer and internet show host that talks Phillies baseball in Philadelphia? That is the question everyone should ask themselves as a baseball fan, “why should I care?” If you like baseball, you should care.

A month without Harry Kalas

This has been one of the longest months I can remember as a baseball fan. Something is missing, and I know what it is. The something is Harry Kalas. It's been almost a month since we all lost Harry. His absence has been deafening. I went to the ball park on Sunday and even though I never met Harry the K, I felt like there was a definite difference in the air there. I used to look up at the broadcast booth and wonder how Harry was doing, how he was getting ready for the game, and what he would say during the game.

The Phillies are more like a family, the people who work the stadium have been there for years. The vendors are the same year after year, and they all enjoy what they do from the cleaning crew to the vendors that sell you that hotdog or soda. It's a big family, and they all miss Harry too. This is the second editon of Phillies Magazine in the photo, it is a collector's item for sure. It still just hasn't sunk in yet but looking at this cover really hits home hard, Harry will never be back, never in the booth again.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Phillies starting key series with Dodgers on Tuesday

The Phillies are home for three games this week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All three games are very important for the team as the Mets have now slipped into first place after being several games back just a week or so ago.

Whatever was and has been wrong with Phillies pitching has to be corrected really soon, or this could be a really long season of frustration if the Phils continue on this path of pitching that they have been on so far. Chan Ho Park gets the ball on Tuesday night against his old team. The Phillies should get it together and go out there and support Park with all the offense he needs.

Wednesday night, a pitcher that really no team wanted found a home with the Dodgers again, none other than former Phillies pitcher, Randy Wolf. Wolf has found his old form again and he is currently sporting a 2.95 era with a 1-1 record. He will oppose Jamie Moyer who is searching for the cause of his troubles the last time out. I watched him talk to pitching coach Rich Dubee today at the pregame warm ups. Moyer seemed to be concerned with his delivery of his pitches and his release point. We'll see if he has found out the correction for this on Wednesday night. This Wed. game will be an ESPN game as well with a 7:05 pm start.

Thursday afternoon will be the marquee matchup of the series with Cole Hamels going for the Phillies and Chad Billingsley going for the Dodgers. Billingsley has been on fire and he already has a 5-1 record with a 2.45 era. The Phillies would love to have any starter with that low of an era that is for sure. What happened to the starting pitching on this staff? They rank last in almost all catagories in the National League. The whole season so far the team only has 9 quality starts and that is last in the NL as well.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Phillies pull blanket from Mom and lose game with Atlanta

How sincere is it to pull the blanket from Mom? Read this and you'll see
It won't be there at the Stadium till July 24th... the problem was the blankets that were received looked like Jason Werth's lips were pink.... oh well it could have been worse

A lot of mothers were happy this morning. They were going to spend their special afternoon at the ballpark and see the Phillies and get a nice throw blanket from the Phillies organization on this special day, "Mother's Day 2009." Well, that is what the schedule called for anyway. What happened to the mother's when they got to the ballpark today was a much different story though. The Phillies pulled the blanket right out from under Mom! Upon entrance into the park, there were no blankets to be had, only a 'golden blanket ticket' and an apology that there were no blankets there today! The ticket was available for Mom to redeem not next week or two weeks from now, they will have to wait till July now to get this blanket that is for Mother's Day 2009 which is May 10th- July 24th to be specific and you have to redeem it at the ballpark at the Majestic Clubhouse Store or guest services inside the stadium.

This was not a good sign upon entering the ballpark today. No, they didn't send an email out a week before to let anyone know this, no email was forthcoming you just had to show up and then you got your special Mother's Day surprise.... no blanket! Inexcusable in my book. A mother was sitting right next to me and my wife on this afternoon, she was given the tickets by her boss and her sons were with her but even she had to leave with no blanket and it was her first time at the stadium to see a game there. What a first impression.

Well, onto the game. The Phillies and the Braves went toe to toe today. Brett Myers kept the Phillies close and the offense couldn't produce this time although there were plenty of opportunities. J Roll went 0-5 at the plate, Chase Utley 0-4 with 2 really bad looking strikeouts... think 'rusty gate swing', and Pedro Feliz went 1-4 with two strikeouts and Raul Ibanez went 0-4 which is very unlike him. Add that all up, and you have a loss. The bright spot was great play by Ryan Howard in the field and at the plate with 2-4 with two doubles. I love Howard's play lately, I love to see him hit for base hits even more than homeruns. The Phillies could have won this one today, but they didn't have any spark in them. They looked tired and listless and could not get started this afternoon.

Mom would have been proud if they won, but now she is mad that they lost and she didn't even get that Jason Werth Fleece blanket that was promised to her today.. ouch that hurts.

Phillies look to bounce back on Mom's Day

The Phillies surprised me on Friday night, they came out to the park to win. Win they did, in a great way on Friday, then on Saturday it all disappears. This is what is puzzling about the Phillies, they look so good one game then the next, it seems like it isn't the same team. I am not saying they should win every game, but they don't really win games with great regularity. This is a championship team from last year, right now, the pitching staff is failing. 'F' is for failing and that's what they get as a grade up to this point.

A team shouldn't have to come from behind to win all the games that the Phillies have won so far. It is scary to think they had to do that 11 times in 15 wins. This team could very well sink to the bottom if the offense left it for any length of time. Rich Dubee should start to be in the spotlight for some of this trouble. No one has mentioned him as a culprit in this starting pitching debacle. He should be, the pitching coach is someone who is supposed to right the wrongs on the staff, and besides some choice quotes after the game in regards to the way a pitcher on the staff didn't do that well during that game, I don't see too much results on the positive side towards solving this dilemma.

All that heavy stuff aside, Happy Mother's Day - Game time is moved up to 12:35pm- See you at the ballpark!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Moyer not his best last night

Found this funny video on Youtube, a baseball in a blender

There will come a time when Jamie Moyer retires, hopefully Jamie will know when he is finished and not cause a team to say it to him. Last night's game against the Mets certainly seemed to be an indication that the end may be closer than one thinks. I remember the Rolling Stones song, "This may be the last time, I don't know." Jamie Moyer has done more than most pitchers can ever dream of, he's one of the best players to ever wear a Phillies uniform. One of the best, not really in stats but as a quality human being. A guy that goes out and signs autographs before games, a guy that has a terrific charity that he donates time and money to, and an overall great person. He won't leave baseball after his pitching days are done. He is undoubted more than qualified to be a pitching coach on a major league team if he chooses to after he retires from pitching.

Last night, Jamie Moyer pitched one of 'those' games. Those type of games that you don't want to see by a pitcher that is even close to Jamie's age. I remember last year in the playoffs, against the Dodgers, Jamie turned in just a horrible game then and I started to think, is this the 'last time'. The Phillies had such a great two game series in St. Louis and then on to New York, the tide has changed. Jamie was just able to pitch 2.1 innings giving up 7 hits and 7 runs with 2 walks and 3 homeruns. I know Jamie will know when he's had enough. Just like Mike Schmidt decided one day, "I'm done," and he just retired because he knew he could no longer continue.

Jamie Moyer will get his 250th win that is no doubt, he will have other starts and go on to win more games for the Phillies this year. That is what he knows how to do. He will also know when he no longer wants to suit up for a game, when he has thrown his last pitch, and when to leave on his own terms.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

New podcast right here with Phillies Talk

Here is the Fightin Phillies podcast recorded tonight at 6:30 pm prior to the Mets vs. The Phillies game. We talk about Ramirez, the passing of Danny Ozark and much more all on this editon of Phillies Talk!

Park's great outting ends in tough loss

  The Phillies lost a tough, tooth and nails type of ballgame last night in New York for the Fightin Phils first trip to Citi Field. Chan Ho Park had another quality start last night, but luck and a combination of a Phillies error spelled defeat for the Phils.Curiously, this game was not a sellout at 37,600 at Citi Field. Could Mets fans be sending a signal that prices are too high for tickets? Time will tell that, also the Mets aren't exactly setting the NL East on fire as of yet either.
  Scott Eyre got the loss in the game, and for the Mets, Johan Santana lowered his ERA to 0.91.
  Game 2 of this short series tonight at 7:10pm

Monday, May 04, 2009

Phillies slam Lohse and take Game 1 in St. Louis tonight

The Phillies came out to play tonight with the extra day of rest with Sunday's rainout at home. The Phils batted St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Kyle Lohse, for 7 hits and 6 runs on Monday night. The Phillies kept one of the hottest teams in baseball in check for most of the game and led 6-1 right into the late innings.

Ryan Howard seems to play very well in his home town of St. Louis. He has tied Mike Schmidt for Phillies career grand slams with a grand slam in the 5th inning against St. Louis, that makes 7 grand slams for Howard as a Phillie. Howard's mother and family was in attendance for the game.

Joe Blanton will get his much deserved first win of the season. His start tonight was a win but 2 of his previous 4 starts has been a quality start. The Phillies are now 12-6 in 18 career starts by Blanton, Blanton didn't always get the wins in those games but his win/loss record as a Phillies pitcher improves to 5-2 since the Phillies acquired him on July 17th 2008 for three minor leaguers from the Phillies farm system.

Brett Myers will get the ball for Game 2 vs. the Cards and he looks to improve upon his 1-2 record this year so far. Myers last start against the Cardinals was 8/3/08, the Phillies won that game 5-4 but Myers did not get that win as he left when the Phils trailed 2-1 after 6.0 innings. Myers career against the Cardinals, he is 3-2 in 12 games with a 5.19 era.

The longest winning streak for the Fightins so far this year is 5 games, the longest losing streak is 3 games in a row 4/16 - 4/18. top home attendance is 45,266 vs San Diego on 4/19. Shane Victorino has a 13 game hitting streak.

Tough week ahead; Cairo's role

This will certainly be a challenging week for the Phils, as they face talented teams and unfavorable pitching match-ups. The mini road-trip will be a good indication of where the Phillies currently stand.

Starting tonight in St. Louis, against the team with the second best record in the National League at 17-8, the Phils have drawn the Cardinals' two best starting pitchers for this short two game set. Former Phil Kyle Lohse (3-0 1.97) takes the hill tonight against Joe Blanton, and Brett Myers opposes Adam Wainwright (3-0 2.76) tomorrow. Blanton and Myers' combined record is 1-4. It won't be easy, breaking up the perfect records of either Lohse or Wainwright this week, and the Phillies certainly have their work cut out for them.

After St. Louis, they will play their first game ever at Citi Field, in the most unbalanced pitching match-up imaginable. Chan Ho Park, who was rocked by the Mets his last time out, takes his win-less record and 8.57 era up against Johan Santana (3-1 1.10). The series closes with Jamie Moyer, who also struggled against New York this weekend, against Mike Pelfrey who pitched very well against the Phils on Friday.

Going 2-2 during this stretch would be a major positive, and preventing a sweep is crucial. On the road against two tough teams and four tough pitchers, the Phillies need to fight, scratch and claw their way to a few wins during this stretch. If they can't manage to do so, it could carry over and deflate the team a bit as they return home to face the Atlanta Braves. Fortunately, Cole Hamels is slated to take the ball on in Friday's opener against Atlanta.

On another note, what exactly is Miguel Cairo doing on this team? He has just eight at bats, and it is not fair to judge him on such limited playing time, but he has no role on this team whatsoever. He's also hit-less in those eight at bats, but that's not the major factor. Eric Bruntlett is the same type of player, but better, and is the primary utility infielder on the team. That bench spot seems as though it could be better used, on a power hitter or potential base-stealer for late in games. Cairo is a solid defender, but is not getting any time as a defensive replacement and would not be a long-term solution should an injury arise.

Hopefully Big Joe rebounds from a terrible start his last time out and the Phils put on a hitting clinic against Lohse tonight to get the roadtrip off to a great start.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

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Rain Rain Go Away, Phillies vs. Mets postponed - Live show Phillies Talk 12:30 pm today

Rain forecasted in the Philly area has postponed today's game, makeup info to be released when available. Thank goodness they did this early, rainy Sundays at the ballpark can be an adventure. Not always a good adventure...... :)
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