Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tonight's Opening Night Starter: Brett Allen Myers

Phillies open tonight as defending World Series Champs
   photo: wikipedia 

This is the third time that Brett Myers will start as the "Opening Day" pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, of course this time is "Opening Night". Brett Allen Myers has been a Phillies pitcher his whole career and he is starting his 8th year in the bigs. His pitching style has been to go right after the batter with fast ball after fast ball and over power the hitter more or less. This has been Myers' approach to pitching for many years, he had to adjust this last year when he was sent down to the minors and finished the season with a 10-13 record in 2008. His minor league record was interestingly 1-3 while he was down in the minors. Myers has to become more crafty as a pitcher to continue to be one of the top Phillies starters for the next few years. Myers has already shown that he can be effective in relief, and that may be where his bread and butter lies to continue as a pitcher if he doesn't have success this year as a starter.

      Myers still has what it takes to make him a serious contender for the top pitcher on the team, he still leads all pitchers with wins at Citizens Bank Park with 27 wins, tonight he could take that to 28. Myers has been through a rough time in the past couple of years, we was switched into a relief role for the team in 2007 and really did great, then the team went and switched him back into a starter and this alone could be a source for the problems that Myers had in 2008 during the first half of the season.

   Tonight will mark the start of the 126th season for the Phillies, last year was a season that will be tough to top. In fact, only one other National League team has won back to back World Series title since 1975-1976 when the Cincinatti Reds won it back to back, they were also known as the "Big Red Machine." The Phillies sort of have their own version of the 'big red machine' going these days. The Phils have a powerful lineup that looks poised to do some wrecking of teams themselves. Last year during the playoffs the team went 7-0 at home for the playoffs and they became the first team to do that since the MLB switched over to the current playoffs format in 1994. 

  Tonight the stadium will be no doubt rocking, as the Phillies start their journey on the 2009 season. Game time  8:05 pm  on ESPN2 - I'll be at the stadium for my first 'Opening Night' game, it should be fun. 

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