Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phils clobber hapless Nats, Yankees to drop ticket prices...yawn

Buying Yankee tickets?, bring a big bag of money!

The Phillies are suddenly looking like the World Series champs winning tonight 7-1 and making all the fans who got a Charlie Manuel bobble head doll tonight very happy as they exited the ballpark.

The only bad part is Cole Hamels injury, he sprained an ankle after 4 1/3 innings and maybe on the DL with possibly a 15 day stay if he's got a somewhat severe sprain it could be more, but the good news is that Brad Lidge will not need to be on the DL with his inflammation, although if he is not feeling better after a couple of days more rest, he made need to go out on the DL.

Earlier in the year, as the new Yankee Stadium opened the ticket prices were released to the public to much surprise. The amounts of the better seats were and are astronomical even with today's announcement that the Yanks have lowered some of the seats. Case in point, the $2500 seats and now lowered to $1250 per game, big deal! Read about it here from the New York Times. If there was ever a time to protest prices to games, the Yankees fans have my vote. Just go to their website and try to price a game, you'll see the prices and have the same sense of disbelief.

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