Saturday, April 25, 2009

Phils can't hold leads in April

The Phillies haven't be all that bad offensively. That's a good thing. Well, the bad thing is once the Phillies score, the team can't hold the lead for too long. Yes, I know the Phillies have been winning a couple games of late with their 9th inning heroics, but a team can't survive off of this game after game. The Phillies are still hovering around the .500 mark. The team wins one, and loses one, loses two and wins two.

This is typical April baseball by the team. Last year they went 15-12 for April, with a loss in March as well. About a .500 club last year and with 5 more games to go in the month this year, the Phils look to be on pace for about the same finish. What was the Phillies best month last year? September, when they went 17-8 or .680 for the month. The strong finish helped them win the division. One series of play they could improve upon this year is Interleague play, the Phillies were 4-11 last year in that catagory. Room for improvement here is a must.

Pitching this first month of the season has been not at all good either. Jamie Moyer leads the club with a 2-1 record but has a 6.35 era. Cole Hamels is 0-2 with some tough luck and possibly more bothering him. I am sure a guy though who complains about not having an chiropractor last year at his service, wouldn't be the first one to admit something is wrong. So, why would be try to hide an injury. Something is wrong though, that is obvious. Despite what the tests read. Soreness is soreness, and Hamels velocity has been down all season so far. The Phillies are still scratching and clawing along though. Much like last year, they really didn't steamroll all that many teams but found a way to come up big when it mattered.

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