Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Phillies having a typical April: Ugly.. but win 11-4 over brew crew

It's not only the weather in Philly that's been bad lately. The way the Phillies have been playing in April could certainly qualify as not so good. The team has sputtered, puttered, and tripped it's way to almost a .500 record the hard way. Call it ugly if you will.

Even on vacation, I am keeping up with the Phillies as if I was still in the area. That's not too hard to do in Las Vegas. Everyday the odds are posted, and the Phillies haven't been real big favorites to win lately, and they sometimes haven't been winning those games that the odds makers think they'll win. There's not a whole lot of people beating the path to the betting windows to bet on the Phillies out here.

The Phils certainly haven't been playing like a powerhouse World Series champion yet. Look at the Marlins, they're the hottest team in baseball. They had a horrible finish last year. Sometimes you can't figure this game out. That's baseball!

Speaking of ugly. Two hour rain delay with Milwaukee tonight, but the Phils whoop them 11-4... I wish they could start doing this with a little more consistency.

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