Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pat the Bat as a Tampa Ray...

Burrell just came off a slight injury to bounce back against the Red Sox tonight!

We all miss Pat the Bat. Well, now that Raul is playing really well, we've taken a pause at our missing Pat a little bit and now are looking at Ibanez in a different light. Pat's started the year off differently for the Rays, he no longer plays outfield and is relegated to a DH role with the Rays. He's got one homerun and 9 rbi's heading into start of play today. Tonight against the Red Sox, Pat is already 2-3 with an RBI heading into the 6th inning.

The Bat was and still is a class act, he acknowledged the fans and the city in full page ads and really was a great part of Philadelphia downtown. He was one of only a couple players that had his own luxury suite at the Citizens Bank Park. His many charitable causes did well for area youth and sick people was well known as well.

We'll be watching you #5 - and we still won't forget you no matter who is playing left field for the Phillies!

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