Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Lords of the Rings Win Awesome Game At CBP yesterday

photo: Associated Press

Call them 'The Lords of the Rings' today, they were down 10-3 late in the game and without reason or explanation, the Phillies came all the way back from being down to win this one 12-11 with a spectacular close by Brad Lidge.

Not only did the Phillies get their rings for being World Champions today, they also collected their first win of the season. Raul Ibanez was the star of the game as voted on Comcast Sportsnet, he stated that it was a team effort and that was what made the spectacular win possible today. Ibanez could be the reason that the Phillies return to the World Series again this year.

Pat Burrell got a tremendous ovation during the ring ceremony. The fans just won't let him leave town anymore without cheering him. He must feel great after so many years of playing on the team and finally winning the World Series the same year the Phillies were trying to trade him off of the team, and then eventually letting him walk away in the off season. Burrell left after the ceremonies and rejoined his new team, Tampa who was playing Boston in a night game. Burrell went 0-3 with a walk, in a Tampa win 7-2 over the Red Sox.

The Ring Ceremony game will be a game that has been labeled, "Instant Classic." The Phillies looked sure to lose this one, and the baseball gods above said otherwise as the team staged one of the greatest comebacks ever in recent history. Hail to the 'Lords of The Rings!'

Rich Baxter

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