Thursday, April 09, 2009

Leaner and meaner Howard & Series 2 in Colorado

Howard is in shape to reach new heights
photo: RS Baxter 2009

Ryan Howard is in great shape, and his plate appearances are starting to show it. Howard has hit for more power and more for base hits rather than going for the long ball so far. His 48 HR's last year will be again tough to match, I would like to see him continue getting base hits instead of getting struck out. He only has 2 strikeouts through 3 games played so far. This is a good thing!

The Phillies move onto Colorado for the second series of the year. The Rockies are 2-1 into this early 2009 season, and find themselves in first place along with the LA Dodgers out in the NL West. The Rockies have also scored 20 runs to their opponents 11 so far in the first three games. The team doesn't have a bunch of household names but it looks as if they will be a better team than last year's disappointing
finish by the team of 74 wins.

Most surprising in the NL East so far is the Florida Marlins, who are 3-0 to start off the season as of the morning of April 9. Good thing the Phillies pulled a miracle out of their hats yesterday. The team can't afford to lose games in bunches if they expect to hang up their with the division leaders. I know the season is young, but losing is contagious sometimes and it's not good for a team like the Phillies.

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