Saturday, April 04, 2009

Fightin Phillies Blog welcomes Mike Berquist to blog

A long time ago, a blog was started by Mr. Mike Berquist called, "A Citizen's Blog". The blog was one of the most thought provoking blogs about baseball and specifically Phillies baseball that was available in the early days of blogging. I used to read the blog and other blogs about Phillies baseball and they really inspired me to go out and begin this blog and my other blog on Philly sports called My interest in broadcasting also was satisfied with the podcasts or internet broadcasts that I produce on both websites, and a couple more on other subjects over the web.

Mike called it a day on his blog last year, after 1000 posts. A Citizens Blog was to be restarted this year, but Mike decided against it- but he will post here on his own schedule whenever he feels like it, and appear on some Phillies podcasts over the season. So, tune into the blog throughout the season and follow another magical season that is Phillies baseball!

Only one more day to go! Sunday night at 8:05 pm starts it all off....

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  1. Welcome aboard Mike, nice to know your blog lives on through this site.