Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Phils wearing o' the Green

I have a good friend that is down at Spring Training and I phoned him today just as he was entering Brighthouse Field and I though how lucky is he to be seeing the Phillies on St. Patrick's Day! I asked him how it felt... his reply.... "It's drizzling down here...." Drizzle, Drizzle, Drizzle

The Phillies pummeled the Reds on this day 8-1 as the Phils rebound to an unimportant record of 7-10

Phillies mechandise that is green is always sought after by the most serious Phillies baseball fans around... St. Paddy's Day is an opportunity if the conditons are right to sports that green Phillies shirt, or hat.... I've always had a problem finding Phillies green wear and if you have that problem too, just click here and you'll be transported to the MLB Phillies Merchandise site, so you can be ready for next year or the next time your inspired for the 'wearing o' the Green!

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