Monday, March 02, 2009

Phils have won 3 in a row and welcome back to blogging - 'A Citizen's Blog'

3 -------------------

Don't look now but the Phillies are well on their to continue their winning ways with their third win of spring training and third win in a row. When things go right for the Phillies, they really go right. Raul Ibanez shook off his .200 average and smacked two doubles today which is awesome and I will love to see this in the regular season.

Forget the huge snow storm we had in the Delaware Valley today, we're only about 33 days away from opening 'day' or night as it is being called. This foot of snow and 12 degrees at night will be but a memory.

Speaking of memories, I remember a certain Phillies blog is supposed to be coming out of an extended hibernation today or tomorrow. 'A Citizen's Blog' by Mike Berquist is coming back to the blogosphere and I would like to welcome him and the blog back to the scene! Good luck Mike and I am looking forward to reading your posts.

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