Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"New" look Phillies continue to evolve for 2009

Gone are some familiar names on the Phillies from last year. Pat Burrell, and now Geoff Jenkins joins the list as 'former' Phillies. The Phillies added some new names to the team, and with less than a week to go till opening day, the Phillies continue to send players down to the minors and tweak the team toward the first game that counts in '09.

Change is a thing that a lot of fans don't like, but with Phillies winning the World Series last year, the fans can put up with these roster changes a bit better than before in years when the Phillies weren't winning very much. Bringing in high paid journeymen to fill positions is the way a lot of teams deal with vacancies that they have. The Phillies now have a lot of players that have been through the Phillies farm system, and are big stars in their own right now on the MLB stage.

Chan Ho Park has been named the Phils 5th starter, and JA Happ is still hanging around so not much is known what his fate will be. A team may be interested in him, if he is offered in trade or the Phillies may keep him again in the minors although he seems like he is capable of being a pitcher on a big league club somewhere.

Time will tell how this recession we are in will impact baseball. One thing is for sure, the Phillies fans will arrive in droves this year and for a couple years to come to celebrate the World Series win. The World Series win was just what Phillies fans needed to make them forget about how many millions of dollars the team is paying some of them and how much they just paid for that ballpark beer, ouch... you could have got a cold six pack for what they charge for just one beer at the park.

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