Monday, March 23, 2009

Like the Terminator: "I'll be Back" says Kendrick

                                        Kyle Kendrick Slips into Minor Role with Phils

  I have got the new nickname for Kyle Kendrick. KK was very publicly demoted yesterday and with the latest quote being reported, Kyle said, "I'll be back." His new nickname is "The Terminator".

  Kendrick seemingly was on his way to challenge Cole Hamels only a year ago or so, and with this latest development, Kendrick seems to be sliding down that ladder from the majors and into the minors again. Nothing can be more humiliating as a pitcher who has had success and wins in the majors and then starts to fade. What happened to Kyle? A lack of confidence and the pressure of making it to the 5th starting position could have something to do with it. He started his fall a long time ago during last season. He suddenly went from a Greg Maddux style of pitcher to a guy who couldn't get anyone out. Command problems? Control seemed to be ok... what happened to Kendrick?

  Maybe he believed too much of the hype that started to build around him, he perhaps was distracted by all the attention given to a World Series team? I don't know for sure, and I do know that his slide happened to start way before the Phillies entered the World Series, but will Kendrick be back with the major league club? Only time will tell.

                Rich Baxter    -  fightin phillies blog

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